Reader Pictures


photoIf you haven’t been to the Underwear News Briefs Tumblr or UNB Facebook Page you need to go check it out. We have gotten several pictures from readers showing how they organize their underwear drawers! We also have started the Haul pictures. We know not everyone wants to show their face on a video so feel free to take a pic. The picture above is a UNB Haul picture. It features the Review pairs we have in from Zylas underwear. These will be out in the next week or so. Here are a few from our readers:

imagePhu:  have about 200 pairs of underwear…briefs, trunks and jockstraps. Definitely not a “tighty whitey” guy! Love lots of color in my underwear (red is my favorite).

image-2Drew: They are sorted by the style and then brand. I have Hanes, under armor, fruit of the loom, andrew Christian, skivvies, baskit, c-in2, frank dandy, male power, bike, bum gear, old navy, abercrombie and Fitch, holister, American eagle, joe boxer, Adidas, evolve, sexy bastard, n2n, etc as you can see in the pics. Never counted them but have a lot.

tumblr_mgj8kpaOxP1s04ifao1_500Tomas: I do love underwear. My collection ranges from briefs to trunks to jocks to thongs. I organize them by brand and by style. I do own a lil over 500 pairs. Always fun to shop around the many stores available out here in L.A and online.

If you want to feature your haul, underwear drawer or self picture. You can email us at We will upload it to Facebook under the Haul or Underwear Drawer gallery and a description that you provide! If you want to submit through Tumblr go to and click submit! Keep sending the pics guys!