Reckless by Ron


When you think of a jock, its always in the traditional design. Reckless by Ron has taken the jock and made something really cool! The Seamen Underjock is a mix of a jock, brief and harness. Well, that’s my take on the pair. The line always has super fun looking bondage pairs. They may not be designed that way but they remind me of super hot fetishwear.

This pair has a brief cut. The pouch is made out of silver prismatic metallic lycra that ties into the leg harnesses. the rest of the brief is a white mesh. So you show off a bit, but this is not a pair you cover up and don’t show anyone. It screams to be seen. If I put this on I would have a specific person and purpose for the pair. It wouldn’t be worn under jeans to work.

The sheer creativity of Reckless By Ron amazes me. Yes, that’s a pun. They are doing something that is a mix of leather/bondage and club. It’s taking what some people call boring, since a lot of times it’s black or dark colors. And then putting bright, metallic and different colors in one.

This is one of many amazing styles you need to check out!

Pair: Reckless by Ron Seamen Underjock
Color: Metallic/WHite
Fabric: Lycra/Mesh
Sizes: X-Small – X-Large
Price: $60.00