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I came across Robert Michael over a year ago on Tumblr and was immediately intrigued by the beauty of his face, body, and personality.  Since then I have been a fan of his and when I started doing profiles on UNB, I immediately thought of him and knew I had to feature him.  Robert joins us to discuss his modeling start in his community, big dreams, and some amazing selfies.

UNB Kyle:  Being a fan of yours I was happy that you were able to sit down and discuss the start of your career with me.  What was your first modeling gig and how did you come to get it?

Robert:  My first ever modeling gig was when I was a kid for a local event. I have no idea how I got the gig but I remember I was really excited.

Kyle:  Starting off so young probably made you feel like quite the celebrity!  Im sure you were just smiling ear to ear with the opportunity.  Any particular reason that made you want to pursue modeling?image5

Robert:  Hmm, I really don’t know! Haha, I like being in front of the camera.  It’s fun.

Kyle:  Based on what I have seen in your work and selfies, you have such a natural and intriguing look.  In front of the camera is where you need to be.  Which shoot do you consider your breakthrough in your career?

Robert:  I don’t think I’ve had it yet! But a shoot that got me noticed by some people was a shoot I did for NVRLND which is a fantasy type circuit party in Chicago. They do really amazing promotional work.

Kyle:  That sounds like a great connection to get you noticed that can be a stepping stone in elevating you to the next level.  Do you have any favorite shoots?  

Robert:  My favorite shoot was for NVRLND’s purity ball promo posters. The photos came out amazing and a shot of mine was made into a drawing and put on a shirt.  They also used that shot as an icon for their app! It’s some what of the company icon which I love.

Kyle:  So great that you have helped define their brand!  Quite a local honor there!  How about your most challenging shoot?  

image1Robert:  A shoot I did for TYPE/FACE magazine was a rough one because it was the swim suit issue and I had to shoot it before swim suit season, outside, in Chicago!! I was freezing the entire time. I would do a couple shots then run into shelter to warm up so I didn’t look like a cold corps in the photos.

Kyle:  I am sure the elements and time of year can definitely make things difficult for a shoot.  Not the glamorous shot that so many people think about.  Other embarrassing shoots to mention?  

Robert:  Sometimes the room is super cold and we all know what happens when a man gets too cold… Yeah, that’s embarrassing.

Kyle:  I can imagine you thinking “why am I not doing this on a tropical beach?” Haha!  You have done a lot of local work.  Moving up in your career, are there any brands or photographers you would like to work with in the future?

Robert:  So so many!  I have a lot of photographers who have asked to work with me but I haven’t had the chance to travel to go do the shoot. One of those photographers is Rick Day, so the minute I’m in NYC I’ll be doing that for sure. As far as brands go, I’d do anything that I felt was good for the path I want to take in this industry.

Kyle:  Well we can’t wait to see you in NYC with Rick Day!  What is something that your fans don’t know about you outside of modeling that you want them to know?

Robert:  Fans?! Haha that’s strange to think about! Maybe that I love to debate with people. I’m very opinionated so any chance I get to speak my mind I take it.IMG_0188

Kyle:  Yes, fans!  You have many of them!  That is how I found you!  Your body is absolutely amazing.  What kind of diet and exercise do you do to prepare for shoots?

Robert:  Before a shoot, I’ll eat a light breakfast, a few eggs and that’s about it. I’ll hit the gym after breakfast try to get a mini full body workout in. Throughout the workout I’ll work my abs in between sets, Your abs need to look sharp for a shoot.

Kyle:  Well your abs look phenomenal.  But I know you have a weakness.  What is your favorite cheat meal?

Robert:  PIZZA! I was born and raised in Chicago and our pizza is some of the worlds best. I can’t live with out it.

Kyle:  You have done some underwear work and we love your underwear selfies.  Everyone reading the blog wants to know what is in your drawer?  % boxer briefs, % briefs, % jocks, % thongs.

Robert:  30% jocks, 60% briefs, 10%boxer briefs, 0% thongs. Thongs are not for me lol.

Kyle:  Thongs aren’t for many people and are rare in the underwear drawer.  In any of these shoots, what has been the craziest pair of underwear you have ever worn?image4

Robert:  I had to wear a bedazzled/metal spiked athletic cup with clear straps for an event I did. Hopefully I never have to wear that again lol.

Kyle:  Oh I am sure you secretly still have that in your drawer just waiting to wear it again!  Wearing underwear, little clothing, or even nude, what goes through your mind right before you have to do these revealing shoots?

Robert:  Nothing bad, I get really excited and think of all the positive things like how cool the shot will be when its published

Kyle:  Confident and with a great attitude.  That will take you far and make photographers enjoy shooting you.  What is the best advice anyone gave you when you started your modeling career?

Robert:  Don’t take anything personal.  This is a business just like anything else.

Kyle:  Good advice.  We can’t wait to see more of you and hope you keep showing us what you are doing.  What are your goals for your career?

Robert:  As far as modeling goes, I’d like to cover a magazine one day, like DNA or something like that. I’ve just started modeling, it’s still very new to me and I really haven’t dove in deep, I think this summer you’ll see a lot more from me.

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