Shock Doctor Jock and Cups



It’s been a few years since I played softball, ok I admit I wasn’t very good at it. In fact I was really bad at it. But, I had a lot of fun while doing it. While I played I experimented with a few different jocks and cups. Not all of them are created equal. I guess you could say my love of undies carried over into softball. Granted this is not a complete list but ones I would recommend for the sport.

  • UnderArmour Men’s Performance Jock with Cup Pouch – $14.99 – This was my favorite jock I wore while playing. I would not recommend wearing it without a cup as the pouch is designed to be work with a jock. The reason I love this jock is it’s made for sports. It wicks the moisture away from your body. The material also made to stretch and move with you through the game. It really conformed to the cup and my body. Other cup jocks I tried either made it difficult to put the cup in or didn’t cover your package fully. (top left in pic)
  • Bike #10 Jockstrap – $16.95 – If you want to go old school then check out the Bike #10 Jock. It was the first one that all the other jocks are based on. During the 80’s when you said jockstrap you only thought of Bike. Today there are hundreds of jocks. This one was made for sports. It wasn’t made for fashion. Granted now it’s available in colors. (top right in pic)
  • Shock Doctor Supporter with Carbon Fiber Cup – $24.95 – This is a cup I would recommend to those who want a really cool cup. It just looks awesome. It’s form and function in one. The front part of the cup is made out of carbon fiber and can take an impact (but I hope you won’t have to experience that). Its not the cheapest but both the jock and cup look pretty cool. For those gear guys out there, who are like me, you want it to be fun and protective. (bottom left in pic)
  • Bike Protective Hard Cup Support – $12.99 – When I played I preferred the Bike brand cups. The main reason is they had enough room in the cup. If the cup is too small it won’t offer much protection since it won’t cover your package. This cup was so comfy that when I used to have to wear it all day, I usually forgot I was wearing a cup. These are getting harder and harder to find though. They are no longer sold at sports authority in store, and even searching on line proved problematic (bottom right in pic)

Up until now we have discussed traditional jocks. But with the advent of the jock brief it could definitely be worn under your softball pants/shorts. I wouldn’t recommend it with a cup. If you wear a cup I would say get a jock made for a cup. If you don’t the cup could move and not offer protection. But if you have a position like I did (right field) you can wear what you want.

I know many of you like to wear matching undies. Now with jockbriefs and fashion jocks you can get them in a rainbow of colors that would match your teams colors. Some brands you should check out would be Baskit, Timoteo/Cellblock13, Andrew Christian and Go Softwear. This is just a suggestion.

We hope you enjoy this short list Finding protective gear is not easy these days. I have tried all the ones listed above and if you are starting back check them out. If you get one of the non traditional jocks/jockbriefs, let us know which you wear! For protective gear I would suggest surfing International Jock, they have the best and easiest to browse selection. As for non traditional jocks go to the brands websites.