We couldn’t have a Swimwear Sunday without a thong! One brand that most thongers swear by is Skinzwear. I have a pair of Skinzwear, and I will say they make damn good thongs, and this is from a guy who doesn’t wear thongs regularly. I have this same style in black, and it’s one of the best thongs I have ever owned.

I picked the Stuffit Pouch Thong in Super ThinSKINZ Tiger. First, because of the tiger print, it’s sexy and fun! Second, I think this is a true thong style that most guys love to wear. I want to get more of these, so I will be prepared with a few different styles when I go thonging with my thong brothers (Andy, Erik, Stevie, and more).

Here are the features of this pair:

  • Tanning thong for men
  • Low volume (Stuffit) pouch
  • Seamed for a contour fit of the mans package
  • Very Low Front
  • Low back
  • Unlined

One thing that makes this an amazing pair is the sizing. The sizing goes from XXS – XXXL. This pair can be worn by guys of all sizes. This is one thing I love about Skinzwear. So may other companies need to expand their sizing for all guys can wear what they feel sexy in.

PAIR: Skinzwear Stuffit Pouch Thong in Super ThinSKINZ Tiger
COLOR: Tiger Print (others available)
FABRIC: Poly-Spandex
PRICE: $35 (XXS & XXXL $10 extra)

So many of you guys love Skinzwear, and I will admit the one pair I have is pretty awesome, and I’m not a thong guy. They have just released the new “Jungle” collection! This collection is a set of animal prints that come in one of the many fantastic styles that Skinzwear is known for, and you can get these in your favorite style.

Skinzwear is made for a guy who loves unique swimwear. The brand knows how to make such a great fitting pair that feels comfy all day long. They have so many new prints and colors to choose from already; adding these animal prints makes it even better. I do love some animal prints.

The prints I have seen are the tiger, leopard, snake, and more! You can see in the pics that the prints do pop and will command attention anywhere you wear them. No matter if you are a thong or a bikini guy. Go to their site to shop for even more styles, prints, and colors.

I know we have more than one fan of Skinzwear. If you aren’t on their email list we are here to tell you that the new eCatalog is out now. If you aren’t familiar with the brand, every year they release new prints and fabrics and new styles. It’s like a kid in a candy store for all the new stuff that’s out!

I am not known for being a thong guy but I bought the Little Black Thong a few years back and it’s one of my favorite thongs. I seriously am impressed with the quality and fit of their gear. Don’t worry there are more than thongs at Skinzwear. Many of the guys on the podcast will be talking about this and shopping very soon!

Go check out all the new prints. I see more than a few I want!

Are you looking for a swim thong? Have no clue where to go to get one? One brand that I like, and many others such as Scruffy Gear blog, Bikinisnthongs, UndiesGeek and more love Skinzwear.

I bough one a while back, they have the little black thong for $22. Which is a deal. It’s very well made and super comfy. It’s a great one to start with and grow your collection. I haven’t worn it to a pool or beach but have worn it as undies.

Skinzwear sells more than one type of thong. They go from skimpy to fuller cut. The styles are Banded Waist Thong, Skinny Side T Back Thong, Quick Release thong, T Back thong Bravura pouch, Pistol Thong, Classic thong, Stuffit Pouch Thong and Tanga Cheekini. That may seem like a lot but you can find your favorite style or mix and match.

The last thing about Skinzwaer is they have the most amazing prints and colors. You can keep it classic with the little black thong or go full on bright with the neon pink, or a wild print. You can really express yourself in Skinzawear.

Skinz is fast becoming one of my favorite swimwear brands. They have so many styles and colors it’s unreal. One that really caught my eye was the Iced Karma Nero Fabric. That’s a long name for a really cool fabric.

The fabric has a very wet look that is super shiny. It looks like it’s a Liquid Metal fabric and has a High Gloss. What makes it super comfy is that it’s a Tricot 4-Way Super Stretch. Skinz also says its Super shiny and durable.

This fabric is available in six different styles. They are Posing Suit Competition Bikini Cut, Fitted Pouch – Puckered Back – Posing Suit, Bodybuilder Posing Suit – Narrow Back, Posing Suit – Fitted Pouch – Puckered Back , Smooth Pouch Skinny Sides Swim Thong (above), and Fitted Pouch – Boxer – Swim Trunks.

Skinz makes some of the most creative swim pairs on the market today. They aren’t afraid of small cuts, fun fabrics or anything. They can even do custom orders as well. So check out this an many more pairs

I am not the biggest thong guy on UNB. Unlike UNB Ryan and Shawn, it’s not my go-to style for underwear or swimwear. Although, after posting the Skinzwear Stuffit Thong on Thong Thursday a few weeks back, I decided to branch out and give it a try. I mean a pair of thong swimwear for just $20, why to try it.

I reached out to Bikinisnthongs on Twitter and asked him about the pair. He said it was one of his favorite of the Skinzwear thongs. So I was looking forward to it. Now, this is not a review but an overview of my experience with the thong. Being that it’s not my favorite style, my review would differ from others.

My past with thongs is I have worn swim thongs and owned them before. Most of mine were a bit bigger than this one. And they were made of stretchier fabric. With that, I gave the thong an open mind. When the thong arrived and I opened the package I noticed that they have one of the most in-depth care instructions I have ever seen in ordering a pair of swimwear. It tells you the best way to care for the suit in any type of condition. It’s great to see a brand take time to share this info, no wonder so many guys love this brand.

I wore the suit for a few hours as underwear. I didn’t have a place to hang out with them. I was worried the pouch wouldn’t stretch to fit me. I was worried for nothing. I loved the fit of the pouch. The thinner sides were different for me but I liked it. It will take me some time to get used too. But I could wear this at a place where I felt really comfortable. I wouldn’t wear it out like some of the other guys but that’s just me.

If you have been thiking of getting a thong swimsuit, I really recommend Skinzwear. The Stuffit Thong in black is the first one I have had in probably 15 years. Here are reasons to get a thong from Skinzwear. First they have great styles. There are several more than just this one. Next, they have super fun fabrics that are made to order. Lastly, if you want a suit in a particular color, pattern or fabric, they can make it for you. What’s not to love about that!!!

Go check out Skinzwaer.

It’s Thong Thursday!!! A day when you celebrate all things men’s thongs! One brand that I have heard a lot of great things about is Skinzwear. They make amazing swimwear for men and women. BTW, if you’re a couple you can get matching swimwear (it doesn’t matter if your partner is a guy or a girl!). They are doing something really cool. They think every guy and girl needs a simple black thong swimsuit.

If you agree and wear them, what better time to pick up a new pair of swimwear. If you have been wanting to try a swim thong, now is the time to get it. This pair is usually $30 but is on sale for $20.  Not sure how long the sale may last but it’s a great starter pair for you to try. The reputation of Skinzwear is always high amongst thong guys. It’s always high on the recommendation list.

One thing that is awesome about Skinzwear is you can get any style custom made in a fabric of your choice (well one they have). So if you want a pink thong, no problem. One thing I saw from Sixfootfiveguy on Twitter was a pink singlet. I was like WHAT, he told me they made it special for him!! Even if you aren’t a thong fan you can shop the bikinis, briefs, and other cuts available. You can really let your personality show!!

Head over and pick up this simple black thong form Skinzwear before it’s gone!

So you’ve been thinking about trying out a pair of lace underwear or perhaps finding a lacy swimsuit to wear to a private (or not) beach or pool. Well, Skinzwear has you covered this season with their various offerings in lace fabrics.

Skinzwear has offered all of their suits in the fabric of your choice for many years and now has several different styles on their website that they are advertising in several different lace fabrics.

A number of suits are listed in varying stages of coverage, from their skimpy g-string styles all the way to trunk/boxer styles. They are even offering beach/running style shorts you could wear as a cover-up or tights you could wear lounging around or for a run around the neighborhood if you dare!

In addition, you can customize any Skinzwear suit in a lace fabric, and they can also make matching suits for men and women! Go visit their website and check out some of the offerings in lace and let me know what you think.

To get these styles and more shop at Skinzwear.