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Let’s face it underwear should be a lot of fun. One way to make underwear fun is prints. One company has come on the market with some fun prints. That company is dotwear. Founded by a pair of brothers who wanted to make unique underwear. Something different than what was on the market.

Dotwear believes that underwear gives you confidence as well. “Dotwear boxers will leave you feeling confident in whatever situation you happen to find your pants down.” This is something we support at UNB every day. How could you not have fun in a pair of Milk and Cookie Boxer briefs. Called Cookie.wear. Or a pair of Bluetooth.wear boxer briefs?

The attention to detail that goes into making each pair of dotwear boxers will not go unnoticed – you can feel and see the difference. Each pair is $28.00 and you get free shipping on orders $50 or more. So why not get two pairs!  Shop at the Dotwear website.