SULIS Silk Underwear


Silk and lace are two materials that guys are loving. One brand that I saw on Instagram, which has been a hot bed for discovering new brands, is SULIS. Their silk designs really spoke to me and I knew that I had to cover the brand. Before I could even reach out they emailed us this about their brand. I”m super excited about this brand and hope we can score some reviews of the brand very soon. I hope you guys will check out this brand!

British manufacturer Sulis use fine silk satins and high-quality lace to make unique boxers and briefs for men who desire more from their underwear.

Underwear for men isn’t boring anymore. It’s easier than ever to find something more comfortable, practical and sexy than the traditional cotton Y-fronts or loose shorts. Sulis bring lace and silk to the table, to create pieces that are exciting, elegant and comfortable.

The collection started with the silk lace touch brief, launched in 2016. A simple and comfortable “seamless-front” design in black or sable overlaid with a dramatic and robust baroque-inspired embroidered lace.

Director Duncan Faulkner says: “We thought it looked great, but it was an experiment really. The feedback from our customers has been really positive, so we have expanded the collection for this season.”

The latest designs of pure silk briefs are created from a rich palette of cranberry, navy, sable or purple. Luxurious panels of semi-sheer lace allow teasing glimpses of the skin beneath.

The collection also includes the stretch lace sided boxer. A supportive fitted boxer brief with a front and full seat in storm grey stretch silk satin (91% silk, 9% elastane) and legs made with a matching soft stretch lace.

All the collections are designed and made at the independent company’s studios near Bath, England and are available in sizes S to XXL.