Surge Underwear


I have to tell you guys about an amazing underwear line I found on Instagram. I know it seems that I discover more brands on Instagram than anyplace else lately. This brand is all about a positive body image for guys. They did a shoot with guys of all sizes and profile the real guys who wear their underwear on their social media, especially Instagram.

The brand is Surge Underwear! Their tagline is “Underwear for every BODY!” Which has a double meaning. It means that everyone should wear their underwear. And second, every body type should be included in wearing underwear! Which is an amazing message to spread. We have many of you guys out there who want just this type of campaign. Now is your time to support a company doing what you guys want!

The collection from Surge is more of a classic design. They have briefs, boxer briefs and jocks. The colors are white, black and grey. Bu the best part is the sizing. Here is the sizing chart:

SMALL 28-30 71-76
MEDIUM 31-33 79-84
LARGE 34-35 86-91
XL 37-39 94-99
XXL 40-44 101-112
XXXL 44-48 112-122

The sizing is up to XXXL. So it’s definitely underwear for all!! It is a brand I hope you guys will check out and support. Go to the Surge Underwear site and shop!!!