The Mertailor


Today is the last Swimwear Sunday of 2017. We have profiled some awesome pairs over this swimwear journey. From basics to dare as you bare. And I think everything in between. The last one I wanted something spectacular and scoured the net for something amazing. And I think I found it. I choose something I LOVE and would wear!

A company we will interview soon is The MerTailor. One of their pairs really jumped out at me. It’s the Octopus Rock Gold Bomber Trunk. It’s a print of different color octopus on a solid background. This print is super fun to me and amazing. It is a MUST have for me! I like to have swimwear that is fun and different from the regular solids. If you look through the site you will see, yes they have solids, but the prints are amazing.

The trunk is a style I will wear now. I need to get in better shape for swimwear in 2018. the Mertailor Bomber Boxer is a classic cut from the brand. They make a point to say there is plenty of room up front for your sailor. Meaning it has ample room up front for any guy to rock on the beach.

The swimwear is made out of a polyamide and spandex blend. Meaning it will fit great and hold its shape. Also, made for salt or chlorinated water. The white should not be see through. Unlike some brands, I feel this one will have everything lined and now show off. Which is important to me. I don’t want to be arrested on the beach.

If you love this print as much as I do. I have good and bad news. First the bad news, it’s not available in a brief. The good news is it’s available in runners! You can work out or run in octopus every day you wear them! Super fun! The pair retails from The Mertailor for $65 and is in sizes XS – XL! Go shop