Side Tie swimwear has become a massive trend in the world of men’s swimwear. They are usually thongs but we have seen some bikinis as well. Will the trend stick around, I don’t know but it’s a fun trend in men’s swimwear that I hope sticks around.

Elevate your allure at the pool party, circuit party, or any festive event with Vaux’s newest innovation: the Vaux Blossom Side Tie Swim Thong. Engineered from a top-tier nylon/spandex blend, this swimwear guarantees remarkable elasticity and robustness. The eye-catching design showcases an exclusive digital floral print, harmonized with double-Y back straps and utilitarian side ties. Noteworthy design components encompass the VAUX metal plate logo positioned on the front left pouch, along with the practical tie sides, collectively enhancing the irresistible charm of this extraordinary thong.

The thong comes in two different colors, purple and black. The thong is made out of a Fabric Content: 87% Nylon 13% Spandex. The sizing runs from small – XL (XL runs to 37 inch waist). The Blossom Thong retails for $40 on the Timoteo Site.

If you want to turn some heads on the beach, the Vaux Blossom Side Tie Swim Thong will do just that and more. It is skimpy, small and bright.

Just released by Timoteo Vaux line is the Cotton Candy Collection. This new collection is made up of amazing pastel colors that look amazing. Here Is what Timoteo says about the line. “Fun gem tone colors with a fresher look, quality construction and soft materials define the Vaux Cotton Candy collection by CB13.”

It comes in five different styles and four colors: Black, Turquoise, Pink, and Purple:

Vaux Cotton Candy Jock

Vaux Cotton Candy Brief

Vaux Cotton Candy Thong

Vaux Cotton Candy Socks

Vaux Cotton Candy Crop Top

The new Vaux line from Timoteo is playing by it’s own rules. There are no “whats’ considered masculine.’ “We can’t make underwear out of that material.’ Or “We can’t try anything new our customers like X.” This line is giving them a blank slate to create something new and fun. I am loving this line.

The newest is the VAUX VX4 THONG. This thong is not only made out of amazing prints, but is a hybrid and can be used as swimwear. Here is what they say about the new thong:

There’s no such thing as too much stretch when it comes to an athletic underwear. Designed entirely of a breathable, lightweight nylon/spandex fabric in an irresistible silhouette, this all New VAUX VX4 THONG will ensure that you have all the spandex you need to stay cool and comfortable as you work up a sweat.

Also a bonus is there are matching harnesses for each of the thongs. You can wear the harness and thong out at night so it’s not just a pair of swim for the pool.

Check out the collection:

COLORS: Blue Zig Zag, Black Rose, and Zebra Pink
FABRIC: 87% Nylon 13% Spandex
SIZES: Small – X-Large
PARICE: $28.00

Pink is one of the most popular colors in men’s underwear. No matter what brand or shat shade of pink, it always flies off the shelves. One company that has been embracing the pink side is Timoteo’s Vaux line.

. The Vaux Jockstrap is made out of amazing mesh fabric. This is what the Vaux site says about the pair:

There’s no such thing as too much mesh when it comes to an athletic underwear. Designed entirely of a breathable, lightweight sport mesh fabric, fully lined for your comfort (and an irresistible silhouette), this all New VAUX VX1 jock will ensure that you have all the sexy mesh you need to stay cool and comfortable as you work up a sweat.

PAIR: Vaux VX1 Jockstrap
COLORS: PINK of course but also Black, Orange, Turquoise, White, or Yellow
Fabric: 87% Nylon 13% Spandex
Sizes: Small – X-Large
Price: $28.00

Timoteo’s new line Vaux is stepping outside the box of what is fetishwear. When you think of fetishwear you go to black, grey and other dark colors, mixed in with red, yellow, and blue. You don’t think of floral prints as fetishwear.

When I get with them back in February (it seems like a long time ago and pre-COVID) they told me about the new line and wanted to branch out more to the gender-neutral and make gear that people want and suits their personalities. I thought this was an amazing idea. Would I wear the harness above, you be I would.

The new line Floral Pink, Floral Blue, Leopard Blu, and Leopard Red. All are not prints you would normally see in fetishwear. But I think they work so well. I know we will see these out and about (when COVID ends). You can get a harness, jock, and even a matching face mask.

Here are the Harnesses

Here are the Jocks

Check out the Vaux line at the Timoteo site.