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Turlock&Co. Season 2 – Capitola Sunset

Turlock & Co has a new collection, which is a second installment of the Capitola Series. This is collection is the Capitola Sunset and it contains  6 additional prints to showcase the Art Deco and Coastal style of Capitola California. Turlock & Co have kept with their same cut and refined drawstrings but added geometric, natural, and striped patterns.

Here is what they told us about collection and the awesome shoot they did:

This season we decided to take our shoot away from the beach and shot at a beachouse, to get some strong contrast of white buildings and colourful prints,  We also used new Model Perry Lewis Smith. on instagram.  Fit and lean with amazing blue eyes, and we will see the return of Mitchell @mitch_fit_model in a few weeks time, 

We have upped the game with a re-tweaked logo and graphic design features and our new colour of Navy Blue.

The best news is that later this year we will expand our range. New low cut block colours are on their way, and 6 pairs of new swim shorts.  The shorts are great. they will have 4 way stretch, lightweight materials that dry quickly but the best part is they have an elastic waist band in the back and standard waistband with loophole ties in the front. we did this to accommodate boys with big thighs and smaller waists however the fit is great for anyone!  they will be well priced at about 45.00 USD.

Check out the new collection at the Turlock & Co website.  

This season we wanted to stay true to our designs and keep things vibrant and fresh, and keep away from solid block prints that everyone else seems to do. Our inspiration was California Coastal town – Capitola Beach. With its Art Deco Coloured & mission style buildings down on the harbour, it was the basis for the new nine prints for the season. We have kept with a blue base but added pops of pinks, greens and red/organges to add a splash of colour. Our designer, has made all our prints from scratch, we don’t use any stock prints for our collections.

We also have refined our drawstrings to a fine white cord with our signature matt black cord ends! The cut hasn’t changed as we are finding many customer are already buying their 4th and 5th orders based on the cut, the vibrant colours and the brands durability.

Our editorial shoot this season was shot again by our Photographer, Russell Fleming, and we went for two models ( with more to come ) to open the season. Mitchell who was in our last two campaign is back again and has proved a favourite with our customers, so it was obvious to us to have him back for season three, Shot in Fingal Head Australia, we took to the ocean and the rocky point to compliment the colours of the collection.

New to the brand and an instant hit with customers and fans is Toby, who is exclusive to Turlock&Co this season. he’s 6’3″ tall, quietly spoken and has the most insane build with the hair to match!.. Toby went with Russell to Shoot in Byron Bay, and the beach is just outside of Chris Hemsworth’s Mega Mansion. unfortunately he wasn’t home that day!..

As Turlock&Co, move into 2020, we will be releasing our first range of mens swim shorts, we are excited for this addition to the collection, as they will be great for a summers day out and about and of course the daily swim. With our exclusive prints, four way stretch and soft mesh inside brief, our shorts will wear to impress. They also have zippered pockets and made with quick drying materials

Turlock & Co have released their new Ocean Drive line for 2019. If you loved their swim last year, you’re going to love this!! There are some amazing pairs!

So what’s new with this collection? Ocean Drive is part of the Luxe line but has lining in the front and back. They have new bolder prints, new drawstrings (see the close up above). If you loved the streamline swim brief, don’t worry these are the same cut as that one. Also, they have a new model l his Name is Mitch and his insta is @mitch_fit_model  They always have model Rudolf,  he’s a body model for the Turlock & CO.

Check out these and more at the Turlock & Co site.

There is a new brand of Swimwear out of Australia. This is one you guys definitely need to know about. I got a chance to send them some questions. This is your introduction to Turlock & Co but you will see a lot more of them on the site.

What made you start a swimwear company? Why did you did you focus on swim briefs?

A. Just years of working with creatives like photographers and graphic designers. So I wanted to start a brand with the true understanding that a brand is about a lifestyle not just a logo on a piece of clothing. So I thought swimwear. Shorts T-shirt’s. Casual California beach. And then I moved to Australia!

You are an Aussie company, do you think the Aussie guy is more likely to buy than Americans?

A. Well we are technically Aussie and my team are Aussie but I’m an American so we get a mix of the best two countries in the world and so far it’s pretty even with Americans and Australian purchases

You have a unique point of view in swimwear, what inspires you to create the pints and colors you have in the collection?

I’m inspired by the California coastline and. Ow the Australian coast line ! So a mix of the two and next season an injection of colour two our prints

We are an American blog, so most of our readers are in the states, do you have any advice in purchasing your suits for the best fit?

A. We sized our brand based on a few very popular competitors. And our sizing it fitted and well sized. If your not sure after reading our size guide on the site. Email us and tell us who you have worn before and we can suggest a size! We will exchange sizes if you got it wrong. But remember to try them on over your underwear!

The last question is who is the Turlock & Co man?

A. Our Turlock&Co Man is the sophisticated. Stylish man. Nothing too over the top loves classic over trendy and wants to steal the show with class! He knows our Brand is class!

Where can our readers find your site and on social media?
@turlockandco on Instagram and Facebook