Tynell Underwear


Not all underwear companies are centered around the US. There are some awesome underwear companies the world over. One such company is Tynell Underwear. I saw them on Instagram and loved the prints they were doing. I discovered they are located in South Africa. We will have a more in-depth interview with them but I wanted to share this overview with you guys first!


Here is what they tell us about their brand:

The struggle has always been real to find underwear that still feels comfortable after a few hours of wear. In our quest to design underwear that deliver on quality as well as comfort, we arrived at our ethos; Fit. Feel. Freedom. Wear the Fit. Feel the quality. Experience the Freedom.

The TYNELL Signature Range comes in two styles – briefs and brief-trunks and we will soon be releasing our trunk style.

Our Limited Editions have exquisite prints that vary from pair to pair. No pair is the same. It is what makes them so special. We will only be releasing 300 Limited Edition pairs as part of our first range.


To celebrate the launch of TYNELL we collaborated with international film and commercial producer, Renier Ridgeway from Silverlining Pictures and one of South Africa’s most acclaimed music video directors, Kyle Lewis, to produce our first brand video.

Check it out here:

I really think this is a brand that few of you guys may know about but would love to try. Prints are always big with many of you guys out there. Creating something different and fun is always something you guys are on the look for when buying new undies. Make sure you go check out the brand and see what they have to offer. I don’t think you will be disappointed

if you love great fitting undies!

Where Can You Find TYNELL

Online Store: