Udy Collection


6 new lines of the Spanish brand Udy Collection has arrived on If you want an underwear line that has some fun patterns and stripes, then this one is for you!

Top Row:

  • Vitamina : Wondermen in vitaminized version, black with intense color of waist band. Effect of volume thanks to an internal pocket in the pouch.
  • Panarea : Extra-fluid material. Letter UDY COLLECTION in relief on the waist band. Unlined front pouch. Intense color.
  • Samoa : Very fine and very smart arabesques printed pattern.

Second Row

  • Bohemia : Very smart material with metal reflections, wire of silver plated seam.
  • Vulcano : Gray, white, black horizontal bands. Lined at the front. Letters UDY COLLECTION in relief on the waist band.
  • Taormina II : Veil with the horizontal stripes, black and semi-transparent for a very sexy effect. Lined at the front. Waist band with the green gilded reflections.