UNB Challenge


I know so many guys are working from home! The days just seem to run together. We need something fun, so we are bringing back the UNB Challenge for next week! We are doing something different for this one, we were inspired by those inspirational posters you see. Like Teamwork, Communication, Hard Work, etc. You know the ones with the black border with the words in white with some beautiful pic. We need our own inspirational pics for working from home.

Starting Monday we will have a different word for each day. Show us your inspiration for the week!

Post each day with #UNBCHallenge #WFHundies! If you want to create your own IG Story or post! Download these templates

IG Story

IG Post

The UNB Challenge has been a lot of fun! It has blown me away how many of you guys have taken part and shared your amazing pictures. Here are the next week’s pairs for the challenge.

Remember, It’s about having fun and celebrating underwear if you miss a day it’s no big deal, we want you guys to participate as much as you want! And lastly, be creative and have fun!