Underwear 101


Hey there, fellow underwear aficionados! Brace yourselves for an exhilarating dive into the captivating realm of men’s underwear styles. I’m UNB Tim, and I’m thrilled to be your guide on this expedition, unveiling everything from the timeless classics to the cutting-edge contenders. So, gather up your favorite pair, and let’s embark on this journey together!

G-Strings: Prepare to be dazzled by the showstoppers of the underwear universe. G-strings epitomize minimalism with their slender waistbands and petite front triangles.

Thongs: Thongs, on the other hand, offer a touch more coverage while maintaining that audacious design. They cater to those seeking a bold aesthetic without forgoing comfort.

Bikinis: Now, before you picture sandy shores and swimwear, allow me to clarify – we’re delving into underwear with a sporty twist! Bikinis feature a low-rise waistband and moderate coverage, perfectly blending style with practicality. They’re like the trendy, adaptable cousins of the conventional briefs.

Jockstraps: Once reserved solely for athletes, jockstraps have evolved into veritable style statements. Flaunting a distinctive design with a supportive pouch and leg straps, they’re akin to your personal underwear guardian, promising to cover your back – and your front!

Tangas: For those feeling a surge of daring energy, tangas are the pinnacle of allure. Boasting a slim waistband and minimal coverage, they’re all about embracing self-assuredness and showcasing a touch of audacity. Consider them your clandestine weapon for elevating your underwear game.

Briefs: Ah, the enduring classic that remains eternally stylish! Briefs stand as reliable companions with their stretchy waistbands and comprehensive front-and-back coverage. Some even feature contour pouches for extra support. They’re akin to the comfort food of underwear – consistently there when you need them.

Tighty Whities: Let’s take a moment to revere a true classic. The timeless white briefs hold a cherished spot in the hearts of many a lad’s upbringing. With their white cotton fabric and understated waistband, not to mention their fly design, they are reminiscent of youthful days gone by.

Trunks: Picture a snug fit coupled with a slightly shorter leg length – that’s the essence of trunks. An impeccable choice for gentlemen seeking a contemporary blend of style and comfort, suitable whether you’re navigating the office or painting the town red.

Boxer Briefs: If versatility could manifest as an underwear style, it would undoubtedly go by the name of boxer briefs. Marrying the best of both worlds, they boast a lengthier leg cut while hugging your contours. These are like the chameleons of underwear, seamlessly transitioning from a casual day out to an invigorating workout session.

Boxers: Behold the emperors of comfort! With their loose, laid-back fit, boxers reign supreme in the coverage department. They’re the ultimate companions for leisurely lounging or embracing an effortlessly relaxed vibe.

And there you have it – an immersive journey through the vast landscape of men’s underwear styles. Remember, there’s no one-size-fits-all formula here. It’s all about discovering the styles that empower you with confidence, envelop you in comfort, and stay true to your unique essence. Whether you’re strutting your stuff in a tantalizing thong, honoring tradition with classic briefs, or unleashing your charisma in daring jockstraps, your choice of underwear is your personal canvas for self-expression. So, don’t hesitate to revel in the experience, have a blast, and venture into the mesmerizing world of underwear exploration!

NOTE: I used ChatGPT to check tone and voice and it gave such a glowing “emperors of Comfort” to boxers, it made me laugh and well I had to leave it in. I love using ChatGPT to bring ideas together and make it sound more cohesive.

Thongs 101: Where to go from here

You’ve finally bought your first thong or maybe you have a few now. It’s underwear you decided is a good addition to your wardrobe. So what is your next move?

First off, keep wearing them. I’ve talked to guys who keep wrestling with wearing them, because of social norms. Ignore people that talk negatively about them and say they aren’t for guys. Don’t let stereotypes get in your way. Be confident with your choice and don’t allow other people’s views deter you from wearing them. Remember it is just underwear and very few people are going to be seeing you in them.

Experiment with different styles. There are lots of variations out there. We covered what we felt were the main ones in our Thongs 101: What Are The Styles Of Thongs. Brands are always trying to come up with something a bit different from the competitions. Things like double or multi strap waistbands, cut outs in different places, various pouches, different types of waistbands, etc. There is surprisingly quite a variety out there for us guys.

Go ahead and test out other fabric options. Once you’ve been wearing thongs for a while, some fabrics you think may not be comfortable or weren’t comfortable become comfortable. Try some of the more erotic fabrics such as mesh, lace, leather, etc.

Really the main thing to do is just enjoy wearing your thongs and have fun experimenting. Don’t hide them from your significant other or future one. They’re not something to be ashamed of. They’re a great option for us guys and we deserve to feel sexy as much as the ladies. Keep rockin’ the thongs!

We’re thinking about doing a Thongs 201 series. Would that interest you? What things would you like us to discuss. Let us know in the comments or use the contact us page to get in touch.

Thongs 101: Where to Buy?We’ve covered styles, tips for buying, and fabrics to look for with a thong. Now that you have some guidence of what to look for in a thong, it’s time to go shopping. Where to shop you ask? Most of us only have one option for this which is the Internet. Guess there is still some mail ordering available, but by now they have their own websites too. If you are lucky you could have a men’s underwear store within driving distance.

If you are close enough to a men’s underwear store then that would be the ideal place to shop for a thong. Being able to physically see the thong will help you with the decision. You can feel how soft the fabric is, compare thongs to each other, see the width and thickness of the tail. Another bonus is you’ll have a salesperson that knows underwear if you have any questions.

With online shopping it is going to be more researching. You’ll read product description, fabric content, and product reviews on retailers’ websites. Then you also should look for third party reviews to gather more information. Look for what they say about fit, comfort, fabric softness. See if they barely notice they’re wearing a thong when wearing the pair. Use all the information you can gather to help make the decision. You can always reach out to us at UNB if you have any general questions or one about a particular thong. We’ll do our best to guide you in the right direction.

To get the most exposure to a variety of thongs it’s best to look at retailer websites over just a brand’s website. Once you find a brand of interest you can always go check out the brand’s website. Here’s some online retailers you can check out that have a variety of brands of thongs.

From the UK, there is They carry about a dozen brands who have thongs. is a US retailer. They carry about a dozen brands with thongs.

Another US retailer is International Jock. They have a selection of 20 brands that have thongs.

DUGG is an Australian based retailer who carries 10 brands of thongs.

Here’s a more extensive list of underwear online retailers.

Check out the map we have of places to buy in person.

Thongs 101: Beginner Thong Ideas

I’ve tried many thongs over the years and the fabric and tail width are two factors that I think contribute most to making a thong comfortable. Tails around an inch wide and fabrics like bamboo, modal or micro modal fabrics, and knit silk are some great options for thongs (Read last week’s post Thongs 101: Fabrics). I feel that tails that are thinner like a string can dig into you more than a more traditional cut back. Then too wide of ones you get too much fabric between the cheeks, which can make them uncomfortable. Here’s some options we think could make decent beginner thongs.


The 2-xist Y-back thong is a great beginner thong because in a way it doesn’t really look like a guy’s thong, instead like a weird jockstrap. If you like that look and want an upgrade, the Sliq line version comes in some cool colors. I believe it to be entirely microfiber instead of cotton based.

If you want something a little less “gym” and a lot more “sexy”, the Classic Cotton Thong from N2N is a good starter pair as well. Though if you don’t like the idea of a contoured pouch you should look elsewhere.

The Bottom Drawer

Unfortunately my top pick the JM Natura thong is of a brand closing it’s doors. So now neither of the thongs I’m going to suggest aren’t typically the style I go for, but the fabric makes it a good choice for a first thong. The Male Power Bamboo Micro Thong is made out of 95% bamboo and 5% lycra with a tail width of 1 1/4″. Bamboo fabric is a new discovery for me. It’s very soft and comfortable between the cheeks and everywhere else. Problem with this one is I can only find it through a third party sellers on Amazon or Walmart.

The next one I’m recommending isn’t one I’ve tried, but several people have highly recommended it. Even someone starting their journey with thongs recently tried it. They found it to be comfortable enough for all day wear. It is the Obviously’s AnatoMAX Thong. This thong is made of a blend of Micro Modal and Lycra. The fabric along with others I’ve talked to is why I decided this sounds like it would be a good thong for beginners.

Let’s us know your experience with your first thong and what one you tried. If you are already a thong wearer help us out and let us know what you think is a good first pair for a newbie.

Thongs 101: Fabrics

When it comes to thongs, the fabric can make or break them especially if you are at the beginning stages of wearing them. Really the fabric can make or break any pair of underwear. I would argue more so for thongs with fabric in a place you aren’t used to. You want to make sure the tail of the thong is made of a fabric that will be comfortable. It’s going to be sitting between the cheeks all day.

What should you look for in the fabric? I’d say how soft it is and a lighter weight fabric. If the fabric is lighter in weight then there will be less fabric between the cheeks. Soft fabric is always something good to have all the way around. Who doesn’t want something soft against the skin? Ideally, you’d want to be able to touch the fabric to figure out which you think would be comfortable in the back. Unfortunately, it isn’t common to find a thong at the store unless you are lucky enough to live near a men’s underwear store. You’ll most likely be ordering online, so it won’t be realistic feeling the fabric of the thong. Now how do you decided on what fabric to look for in a thong that you can not touch? First, you could go by underwear you already own. You already know which pairs are soft and lightweight in your underwear drawer. Look at what they are made of and look for a thong made of it. Another option is read reviews and look for ones that talk about the comfort of the fabric.

Some of the fabrics I think would be good options to try are bamboo, knit silk, and modal or micro modal. The modal and bamboo fabrics are usually blended with another fabric like lycra for some elasticity. For me, thongs made out of these fabrics can go as unnoticeable between the cheeks. Some lace and mesh fabrics can be scratchy, so you’ll want to avoid those for now. If one fabric doesn’t work for you then try some others. Once you find a fabric that is comfortable for long term wear, you can start experimenting with other fabrics.

Today we’re going to go over different thong terminology and styles. I’m sure everyone knows this, but let’s define a thong. Webster dictionary defines thong as “an article of swimwear or underwear consisting of a narrow strip of material that passes between the thighs and connects with a waistband.” The part of the thong that passes between the thighs and cheeks is called the tail or you can call it a backstrap. Also some call it the string. You may also hear the term whale tail, which refers to a thong back sticking out above your pants. There are several different styles of thongs and the back styling is what normally differentiates them. To make things more confusing some names are used to represent the same thong style. Add on to that people use the same name to represent two different styles.

Let’s see if we can make some sense of it all. Below we have a graphical representation of the break down of thongs that we’ll be going over.

Thong Styles

As you can see we have thongs broken down into 7 possible subgroups. We see these as the main ones, but there are different variations out there. Brands are always trying to come up with something new or mixing styles together. The t-back subgroup is broken down further into 4 more groupings. You probably could argue that Cheekies and Tangas aren’t thongs, but we decided to include them. They could involve some fabric between the cheeks. Let’s get into the different thong styles.

T-Back Thongs

T-Back ThongsT-Back thongs are thongs that when you look at the back they look like a T. We have T-back thongs broken down into 4 subcategories: Traditional, V-string, G-String, and Rio.

Traditional Thong

Traditional ThongThis is the thong that most likely would come to mind when someone says thong. The tail width is usually around an inch wide. Typically the sides are of similar width giving a uniform T appearance when looking at the back.

V-String Thong

V-String ThongNormally a V-string has a triangular piece of fabric at top back that sits at the top of the butt. Then the sides are strings. The pouch and triangle fabric in back are connected with a string the same width as the sides.

G-String Thong

G-String ThongA thong with a string waistband. Then the pouch is connected to the waistband with the same sized string. Considered the skimpiest thong type.

Rio Thong

Rio ThongWhen you hear Rio with any underwear cut, think less fabric. A Rio thong has a thinner tail and sides than a traditional thong. Also the pouch is more of a u-shape and provides enough coverage to just contain the package.

Y-Back Thong

Y-Back ThongThis one is also called a Y-String. The tail of this thong branches out to connect to the waistband creating a Y. It creates a triangle at the top of the butt with no fabric in the triangle. Some times g-strings are called this too, since you can get the Y look when pulling the sides high on the hips.

V-Back Thong

V-Back ThongWith a V-back thong, the waistband doesn’t connect to itself. Each side is connected to the base of the pouch. Then the sides are usually sewn together where they attach to the pouch a little to create at least part of the tail. Then you get a v effect. These have also been referred to as Y-backs and V-strings too.

Jock Thong

As the naJock Thongme implies it’s a jockstrap and a thong joined together. You have the traditional thong strap between the cheeks and then the two straps of the jock.


CheekieThis is a thong wannabe, The backs are typically look like a wide v-shape. You get fuller coverage at the top and at the bottom the back slips between the cheeks showing them off. Sometimes described as a third back.


C-String ThongThis is a thong that has no sides. It has a flexible frame that allows you to slide it on between the legs. Kind of holds on to you like a paper clip does paper. If you lay the c-string on it’s side it looks like the letter C.


Tanga ThongThis term seems to be not well defined or at least used loosely in the underwear realm, especially in women’s. Typically people define it as somewhere between the coverage of a thong and a bikini. Now the Oxford Dictionary defines tanga as “A pair of briefs consisting of small panels connected by strings at the sides”. A lot of British underwear brands/retailers call their string bikinis tangas. Their coverages range from a little less than a bikini back to around a half back. But by that definition, anything with string sides with front and back fabric could be considered a tanga, so we’re included it as a possible thong style.

Do you consider a Cheekie a thong? Is a Tanga a thong style in your book? Did we miss a thong style? Comment below and let us know. Feel free to also comment and expand upon the post.

Thongs 101 IntroductionPretty much everyone knows that thongs are available for women. They’re known for their sex appeal and elimination of those visible panty lines (VPL). You could argue that the thong is probably even more beneficial to men. You get the sex appeal factor and no underwear lines if that is a concern along with good support for the package.

If you think about it, there are several examples of articles of clothing that men have worn for years and still do that resemble thongs. First one that comes to mind is the loincloth. Most definitions of loincloth say it is a piece of cloth that hangs down from the waist and covers the loins. You can find places that talk about pulling the fabric piece between the legs and tucking it into the back of the belt/waistband. Another one that I’ve come across is called fundoshi, which is referred to as Japanese underwear. This is a strip of fabric that is wound around the hips and then between the legs. Then it is twisted around the fabric belt in the back. Similar to the fundoshi is the mawashi that sumo wrestlers wear. There are other similar types of garments out there and all refer back to the loincloth. You have probably seen tribal people wearing loincloths on different shows especially National Geographical type ones.

As you can see men have been wearing a garment similar to a thong for centuries. Doesn’t it make sense in this modern day and time for men to move on to a modern version of these with the thong. Don’t let society dictate that men don’t wear thongs. History shows they do. We at Underwear News Briefs want to help you venture out and try a thong. We’re starting the Thongs 101 Series to help guide you into the world of men’s thongs.

If you’ve ever been interested in wearing a thong, or don’t know where to start, the Thongs 101 series is for you. First thing we’ll cover is the styles of thongs you have to choose from. We’ll look at tips for buying your first thong and ideas on fabric selections. Point you to places you can buy that first thong. Then we’ll check out some thongs we think would be a good choice. Finally we’ll take a look at where to head next with thongs.

We have all kinds of readers of UNB. Those who have been into underwear for years and have 100’s if not thousand pairs. On the other hand we have guys, of all ages, who just discovered underwear. Underwear 101 is a series we have to address some of the questions guys have about underwear. For our more experienced readers, they may not read them but we hope it helps other guys discover more underwear.

What is an ergonoical pouch?

You may have heard this on UNB. I’m pretty sure you’ve heard it a lot on UNB. Most of our guys love this kind of pouch. Men’s underwear comes in a few different pouches. First, there are pairs with no pouch. The front is one piece of fabric with no seam or designed pouch. The best example of this is Jockey Elance bikinis. The next is a what I call a contoured pouch. It’s a pouch built into underwear. It usually has a front seam in the design and is made to give you support. Brands like Clever Moda have this type of design.

Lastly, is the ergonomical pouch. It’s designed to fit a guy and how he naturally hangs. There are several types of pouches. Some of them enhance while others give a natural feel to the pouch. These usually have a lot of research and design behind them. As I said above not all pouches are the same. It’s important to find what you like best.

For example, Ergowear has three different pouches. The X3D, Feel and Max. I love all ut the Feel. It’s not that it’s a bad design, In fact, it’s pretty awesome design and it has fans. I don’t like it due to the way it fits me. It’s a personal preference. I feel I move too much in the pouch. I like things to stay in place.

Here are some great pouches to check out (This is a short list, there are a ton more to check out):

  • Cocksox CX01 – This was my very first ergonomically designed pouch. It’s more like the wonder bra for men. It takes what you have and shows it off. I’ve described these as very bulgetastic. These will enhance and could show off a bigger bulge than you may want.  So it may not be good for work or family occasions.
  • Andrew Christian Almost Naked – One of AC first ergonomically designed pairs. It “allows you to hang freely” It’s available in just about every pair they make. I prefer the briefs but go with the styel you love best.
  • Ergowear Max – “the pouch is manufactured in a three-dimensional shape that slightly lifts your genitals up and away from the legs, in a cozy yet fully protective manner. Made in many favrics and colors. “
  • Ergowear x3D – “The X3D pouch is an original take in male underwear. A stretchy pouch that is designed to accommodate your genitals up and away, to avoid squeezing and adding a layer of flexibility and a slight enhancement for a provocative silhouette” My favorite pouch from Erogwear.
  • Ergowear Feel –“The Feel have a traditional look but are still true to our anatomically correct principles of men’s underwear. They feature a roomy and enhancing FEEL pouch with an adaptable profile”
  • Obviously – “AnatoMAX is the most recent pouch release and it is the largest pouch design available from Obviously. It provides a naturally shaped, anatomical pouch with MAXimum size, MAXimum space and MAXimum comfort. For those customers who previously enjoyed the Modal Range anatomical pouch – AnatoMAX is for you.”
  • Sukrew  – They don’t push the ergonomical pouch in their promotional text. You can see it in their pics. It’s one of those under the radar and in every pair they make. From thongs to oboxer briefs.
  • Big Boys Pants – BBP is a little known UK brand. They are amazing and designed by guys who need a bigger and more comfortable pouch. I have heard a rumor they maybe updating their collection this year. This is a brand worth checking out.

Other Honorable mentions are John Sievers line from International Jock, N2N Bodywear N-hance and  AC Trophy Boy,

We hope this helps. If you have any questions feel free to comment and reach out to us.

Picture features Cocksox CX01

I have an online friend that I have gotten into underwear. He’s never really been into it and is starting the journey. I have been giving him an education on brands and styles. This past conversation involved fabrics and what to wear when. He’s used to the big box undies made out of 100% cotton. I told him they must go.

Giving him homework to look and see what’s out there. I have pointed him to International Jock, Dead Good Undies, Andrew Christian, Gregg Homme, Bruno Menswear and a few more. I want to show him that underwear has a function (such as daily wear) and fun (such as erotic wear). This will allow him to find his own style and brands he loves.

One thing he pointed out was “underwear is expensive.” As most of you know this is very true. A good pair of underwear will set you back $15 or more. Depending on the brand it can be $30 or more. Starting out, I don’t recommend going out and spending big money on brands you have never tried. Now, if you have plenty of money to spend and won’t miss it, then by all means, go shop and try it all. If, however, you’re like me and on a budget, that’s unrealistic.

How do you grow your collection without breaking the bank?

  1. – This is your best friend when starting. This is the site where you can try some of the best brands at incredible prices. Even the Cheapundies brand has really impressed me with the low price and amazing quality. Some downsides: Things sell out fast, be on the email list and shop early. Especially mediums and smalls. Not all brands are on it. And not every day will have a deal on a style or brand you may want.
  2. Discount Stores – While, not as good as they used to be, you can occasionally find good deals at Marshalls, TJ Maxx & Ross Dress for Less. While in Vegas a few years back, I found the 2(X)ist Sliq Mesh briefs for around 8 bucks a pair. Some downsides: The selection is not always great. Brands seem to be limited from what they sold in the past. You will have to dig through to find gold. There really is no organization by brand or size. Those who will root through it all may find some deals.
  3. Clearance sales – Both online and in department stores. These happen at the end of the seasons. Usually late summer and winter. You can find some amazing deals on these sales. I can’t begin to tell you how many times I was in Macy’s and found undies marked down. Some downsides: sizing is limited a lot of times. Leaving more large and X-Large over mediums. Colors will be sold out and usually, the least popular colors are left.
  4. Daily Deals – Not all brands have these but some do. They give you a discount for a limited time on a pair. After the time is over or they are sold out, the deal disappears. The best example of this is the Baskit $12 Tuesday. These are not as popular as they once were.
  5. Sales – Around holidays, specifically big ones. i.e. Christmas, Memorial Day, 4th of July. They can come out with some big sales. The thing to do is find the brand/retailer you like best, join their email list and shop when they have a good sale. I use this on brands that are pricey that I don’t buy every day.

Some things to look out for when growing your collection:

  • Counterfeit undies – Believe it or not they exist. Specifically, on Ebay and other online super discounted sites. These pairs are not made as well as the official pairs. If you can find a pair of Andrew Christian on one of these sites for $4, it’s probably not real. If it’s too good to be true, it prob is. Stick with well-known sites. If you have questions feel free to reach out to us and ask if we’ve heard of a site.
  • Return Policies – Some sites and even states don’t offer returns on underwear unless it’s defective. If you get something you don’t like, you could be stuck with it
  • Sizing issues – Not all underwear is created the same. When buying a new brand read up on the sizing and make sure you are getting the right size. Read our sizing guide, ask friends or ask Twitter. People will gladly give feedback on sizing!

I hope this helps you guys grow your collections!

modalFabric can make or break a pair of underwear. There is nothing worse than seeing a pair of underwear that looks amazing. Only to put it on and realize that it scratchy, confining and no give fabric. Fabric is one of the most important things in underwear to me. My favorite fabric for underwear is Modal.

Why Modal you ask? 

It’s Super Soft

Modal is one of the softest fabrics I have ever worn. The first time I slid on a Modal pair of underwear was like the first time I slid on my first pair of bikinis. This is the fabric I have waited on for years. It felt amazing against my skin. One thing to know that it offers less support than other fabrics. If you are a fan of ergonomically designed pouches, It will not be made out of Modal.

Breathability and Moisture Control

Modal is a very breathable fabric. It is perfect for working out, running or being active. You won’t have underwear that feels like you went swimming. This is why I am not a fan of 100% cotton underwear. If you are active your underwear feels like you went swimming and never gets dry. Modal will allow everything to breathe and feel great.

Feels Great

Not only will it feel great against your skin. It will make you feel amazing. When you wear fabrics you love, you feel better throughout the day. We firmly believe that underwear brings you confidence. We don’t think you should wear something that doesn’t bring you comfort. Modal makes me feel amazing. I highly recommend it to anyone needing underwear to be active and feel great in!

Which Brands Use Modal?

Many brands now use Modal? One of my favorite lines was Cocksox Backstage, which is no longer made. Obviously is a company that is making great pouches out of the Modal. Tani is another brand using a good amount of Modal in their lines as well. Even new comers, such as Krakatoa, are depending on the fabric.

We hope you will try Modal if you haven’t, we will bring you more fabrics soon!

945878_1015699165156159_2996884249099567594_nIf you’re just getting into underwear and don’t have a lot of money to buy underwear. This post is for you! Or even if you are a long time lover but want to get some great deals. Great underwear doesn’t come cheap. Prices can range from $15-40 depending on the brand and even go higher. So what’s a guy to do who’s just getting into underwear? We couldn’t have you go without! Here are a few suggestions to grow your collection and try a new brands. – The guys at get some amazing deals. They have had a lot of brands we cover on there for sometimes 1/4 of the price. I have seen underwear for $5 on the site before. These are close outs and last seasons collections. But for a deal does it really matter? We definitely think not. Also on the site is their own brand of underwear. The CheapUndies brand is a great brand. It has been my experience that they are great quality at amazing prices. I would suggest any pair they sell! Its best to sign up for their email and shop them daily. The deals can go fast, especially on popular brands. This is one time you snooze you loose comes into play. (the picture above is the new Fresh line from

Baskit $12 Tuesday – Baskit runs one pair on Tuesdays for $12. This is a big discount from the regular prices. Each week the pair changes. They range from jock briefs to boxer briefs and everything in between. Baskit has always made quality underwear and has some really great pairs right now. They also occasionally have other pairs on sale along with the $12 Tuesday. The best thing to do is follow us on social media or Baskit. We share the pair every week on our blog. Plus if you love the pair you can pick up a few at the great price.

N2N Bodywear Year end Sale – N2N Bodywear makes some amazing underwear, swimwear and gear. Their new collection comes out about every March/April. Around Christmas they start running some great sales. Prices range from $10-25. I have picked up a few things in their sales before. Also throughout the year, if you live in the LA area, they have warehouse sales. Where you can go pick out gear for even less. UNB TMG on our site has gone and gotten things for as low as $5. Yes this makes me very jealous!

Discount Stores – Stores such as Marshall’s & TJ Maxx can have great underwear. They aren’t as good as they used to be its more hit or miss right now. But great deals can be had in the stores. One Store that I think has a massive selection is Century21 in NYC. I haven’t been there in 10 years but readers have told me over the years they still have a great selection. The last time I went I think I spent 45 minutes in the underwear section alone. This option you have to go in person. Some  of you guys hate to go shop in person, so keep that in mind.

These are a few suggestions on how to get great underwear at an even better price. If you have any other suggestions where to get great undies cheap, let us know! We will share them with you guys!

UnderwearNot all of our readers are experienced in the world of underwear. We get many new guys wanting to know what’s out on the market. They maybe currently wearing boxers, tighty whites  or six packs from a big box store.  But they yearn for something way better! If you are that guy this post is for you!

Step 1: Find out what style you want to wear. I would suggest if you are a tighy whities I would suggest buying a brief. If you wear six pack boxer briefs or boxers I’d suggest a Boxer Brief/Trunk. It would be the closest to what you are currently wearing and not a big jump to something crazy. Now I’m not saying you shouldn’t get a thong or jock but you may want to dip your toe in underwear waters slowly.


Step 2: Pick a brand to buy. There are hundreds of underwear companies out there. And more enter the market every month and it can seem overwhelming if you don’t know what exactly you would like. Hell, look at this blog and all the pairs we cover. I can’t keep up at times! If you’re just starting out I would suggest going with a classic underwear company like Calvin Klien, 2(X)ist or C-IN2. The latter two each have basic lines that are classic cut and colors. CK has many lines that are classic styled but and they don’t do too many wild colors.


Step 3: Pick a spectrum of color. Now that you have narrowed down the brands you want it’s time to pick color. You can stick to classic colors (Black, Grey and White) or you can branch out. When I started with underwear I went wild for colors. It was 4-5 years before I even bought a white pair. I grew up on tighy whities and the last thing I wanted was white! But this is not everyone. If you have a job where you change at work or  at the gym. You probably would be best served getting a black or white. Very few pay attention to these colors in the locker room. Now sport a pink or orange brief and you may turn a few heads.


Step 4: Buy a pair of underwear! Now that you figured out the style, brand and color its time to go buy. You can go to an underwear store or department store in your area. But I remember when I was buying undies and would get embarrassed that the clerk would think of me buying a bikini. After a while I realized most really don’t care and just ring it up. If you are a bit skittish we suggest buying from one of the big retailers such as or International Jock. They have big selections and you will be able to find a pair that meets your criteria. If you want to support a smaller online store buy from them such as Drawerfull, UnderBriefs and HisJock, All of them awesome smaller stores.

Step 5: Wear your Underwear. The day it arrives you’ll be all excited and will rush to put it on and see how it fits. If you’re new to the world of designer underwear, I would suggest wear it around the house first. Because the pair you get may not fit you as amazing as you may think. There is nothing worse than wearing a pair of underwear to work that drives you crazy.  If it fits great after a few hours at home brave it and wear it to work.

Step 6: Buy more underwear. Now that you found out what you like buy more of those and then slowly branch out. If you bought a brief get a trunk and vice vera. Try them out and work your way up to jock, jock brief, thong or something else fun!

We hope this helps in your search for the best underwear. We want all the guys who come here to have amazing underwear! If you have any questions feel free to email us or reach out to us on our Twitter account!