Undies Monday


favio-vicedman-sexyIt’s been a while since we had an Undies Monday. For those who don’t recall Undies Monday is a celebration of wearing something fun and amazing on Monday’s to make the week start off great. The pair we chose this week is the VicedMan Sexy Temptation. This is one of the newest pairs from VicedMan. You maybe asking why we didn’t profile this pair for Valentine’s Day? Well, we think it’s sexy and should be worn way more than just for one holiday!

There are a few things that stand out in this pair. The first is the waistband. Gold has been becoming a trend in men’s underwear. The gold band just sets off a pair and gives it a pop. As a fan of waistbands I love when brands do something different. Gold is a great choice for a waistband in my opinion. It also is a branded waistband with VicedMan in black writing on the band.

The next thing you notice is the back is made of mesh. The blue pair is to me the sexiest. There is just a hint you can see what’s underneath. I like the black or White but the blue if my favorite. Black typically is very see through. White is usually a little more opaque like this blue. Having mesh on the back lets you show off some without giving all the goods away. I know we have readers who don’t like mesh that shows everything off. This gives you just a hint of fun.

Lastly are the snaps. Each side has two snaps on each side. VicedMan site says “snaps to add a touch of comfort and seduction.” As for comfort, if you have bigger thighs you can unsnap to have more room. For seduction unsnapping can lead to… well I don’t need to tell you what it will lead too!

The front is the cut of a traditional brief with a fly. It’s like VicedMan took the best of traditional and mixed it with something new and contemporary. It’s a really great design that they came up with. Overall this pair is bright and fun. The gold band on the blue pair is a great combination. Find this pair at the VicedMan site for $21 in Black, Blue or White


Undies Monday is all about wearing something awesome! Its  staring the week in wearing something to make you feel comfortable and sexy at the same time. Underwear gives you some extra confidence when you wear something awesome. Cocksox is one of those brands that is awesome.

While in Vegas a few years ago they told us about some customer stories how awesome they feel wearing the Cocksox underwear. You can do this not in the classic bikini, the CX01, but in all their underwear. One of the new colorful fun pairs is the Trunk (CX68).

The new color designs tie in the pouch, body and trim/wasitband colors. The color combinations are super fun. No one may see these bright colors but you will know you are wearing it. The colors are Purple, Grey, Black, Blue and Green. The pouches on all the pairs is white and is the perfect accent to the color bodies.

Cocksox did an amazing job with these color combinations. The Trunk retails at the Cocksox site for $34.00

11745711_932798146762811_1178238690085193131_nUndies Monday is all about feeling great and sexy. It doesn’t have to be a pair of thongs or a jock. Its feeling sexy in what ever you love! That’s the point, to start the week in something to brighten your day.

One pair that is perfect for the Trunk/Boxer Brief love is the PUMP! Underwear Touchdown in Blue Steele. You maybe asking what’s so sexy about this pair? First off, did you see the picture? I could go “I rest my case” and drop the mic. However, that’s not how we do things here at UNB!

The pair is made out of a Navy Mesh fabric. It’s not the totally see through mesh but more of a sports mesh. It will show off just enough without being over the top. The pouch on the pair is made out of cotton fabric. So you won’t be showing off all the goods. Piping on the pair is in white so it will contrast the Navy very well.

The waist band and leg bands are super hot to me. I am a fan of waistbands and love the PUMP blue logo in baby blue. The leg openings remind me of an athletic stripe in athletic gear. Its just great to see how they tied this all together.

This pair is sexy and classic at the same time. You don’t have to wear skimpy undies to feel sexy. Undies Monday, as we have said is all about feeling sexy in what ever you want to get a great start to the week! The PUMP! Touchdown In Steele Blue is available at the PUMP! Site for $34

Unknown-19The pair for today’s UndiesMonday is one many of you great up on. It’s a classic that had been hard to find in the last few years. That pair is the Jockey Elance Bikinis. Right now I can see many faces of our readers light up. Elance was the first bikini many out there bought. It brings back very good memories growing up and discovering undies. If you don’t know about the pair, well we think you need to check it out.

The Elance brand has been around since the 70’s. Many of you out there may remember MLB Pitcher Jim Palmer wearing these in the pages of People magazine in the 80’s. When you talk to any guy who grew up in that time period and mention Jim Palmer, most say he was the reason they had to buy them. You maybe asking why? Because here was this all American guy in skimpy undies. It just wasn’t done in the day. And we all had to have a pair!

This maybe a lot of set up for a pair but what makes you feel more amazing then revisiting a pair you used to have years ago. It’s very rare to be able to relive your past in underwear. Things change so fast, when you get  favorite pair it can be gone in the matter of months. I don’t even think I have any more of these.

So what makes them so special? Are they revolutionary? Have an amazing design? I would say no to all them. They are actually quite basic. A true bikini cut with no defined pouch and made out of 100% cotton. The relaunched line is amiable in a series of solid colors including one of all white. Gone are the stripes they had in the 80’s.

If you want to relive a pair from you past then this is it. They are available 3 for $19.99 at the Jockey site. Something tells me they aren’t in the tubes they used to come in!


9002 (6)UndiesMonday is all about wearing what you love! Its not that you have to wear a fetish pair, a thong or mesh. It’s about wearing underwear you feel great in wearing. Embracing your personal style and loves. Then making sure you wear a very good part on a Monday. Why not make Monday a better day by wearing something that makes you feel amazing!

This week’s pair we are profiling is the Clever X-Long Boxer. Like we said above not everyone is going to want to wear something skimpy. Other guys love boxer briefs and longer underwear. Long boxer briefs definitely offer some advantages over other pairs. They can give you extra support in our legs. I tend to wear them when I”m going to be very active. The tight material makes me feel better while doing more strenuous activities.

Long Boxer briefs are very sexy too. This may sound like a contradiction for me. However, I love how they make the legs look. A guy with great legs will look amazing in these. Especially if you have bigger thighs. It shows off the development without giving the whole package away. Not all guys like showing if all off, they like to leave some to the imagination.

The Clever X-Long Boxer come just above the knee. They are made out of a 94% cotton/6% spandex blend. The pair will definitely give you some support and conform to your body. Available in 4 colors; Black, blue, green and white. You can find this pair at the Candyman Fashion site for $28.48. Check out all the pairs!

NOTE: UNB Tim does consulting work for CandymanFashion/GDD world.