One style that has taken off this year is the side tie string bikini or thong. This has been a must have pair of 2020. These pairs are available in both swimwear and underwear. One company that has released their version of this pair is VicedMan.

The Viced Man Living String Bikini comes in 4 different, bold colors. Yellow, Red, Blue, and Black. Each one has the string sides and a bikini back. Sorry thong guys this one is a bikini. The only downside is that the sizing, it just comes in small-large. No XL is available in this style.

This is a sexy, fun and colorful collection, made for perfection that will add a distinct line of perfection to your body aesthetic. Discover a new you with something comfortable and yet attractive. The mesh style fabric is soft to your skin preventing any type of rash, scratch or discomfort. A verity of colors to select from, mix and match all the collection and make it yours today.

The last thing to cover is the price. This pair retails for $18.00, which is awesome. I have seen the tie string undies go for a lot more. If you have seen this style and always wanted to get one but the price held you back, check out Viced Man!

Singlets are my favorite type of spandex gear. If you’re a long time reader of the blog this is no shocking development. Over the past few years more and more companies are making them. The majority of singlets are erotic over sporting. Which is fine by me! One new entry into the world of singlets is Viced Man.

The AMA Viced Man Singlet is their awesome new singlet. From the front, the singlet looks very much like a collegiate singlet. The legs go down to about the knee and it’s a fuller cut singlet. When I first saw it I was like “cool someone is making more sports singlets.’ Then I saw the back and well this isn’t one you will see on the wrestling mat anytime soon. The back is where the innovation of this pair comes in to play.

The back has a cut out that I wasn’t expecting. On top of that in the back, there is a zipper that runs all the way down the back. It exposes your junk in the trunk. Their site says “Adding more spice to seduction, there is a zipper that comes down from waist all the way down that when you zip down you reveal your buttocks and you can imagine what happens after that.”

The singlet comes in 3 colors. They are white, black and red. I do not know how see-through the white is when worn. If like many other white spandex gear, its very see-through when wet.

This is a new take on an old classic design. I think Viced Man made something super fun in the world of gear. Victor who runs Viced Man has a great eye for design. I hope we get to see a lot more of his gear soon. This singlet retails for $48.00

COLORS: Black, Red, or White
SIZES: Small – Large
COST: $48.00

favio-vicedman-sexyIt’s been a while since we had an Undies Monday. For those who don’t recall Undies Monday is a celebration of wearing something fun and amazing on Monday’s to make the week start off great. The pair we chose this week is the VicedMan Sexy Temptation. This is one of the newest pairs from VicedMan. You maybe asking why we didn’t profile this pair for Valentine’s Day? Well, we think it’s sexy and should be worn way more than just for one holiday!

There are a few things that stand out in this pair. The first is the waistband. Gold has been becoming a trend in men’s underwear. The gold band just sets off a pair and gives it a pop. As a fan of waistbands I love when brands do something different. Gold is a great choice for a waistband in my opinion. It also is a branded waistband with VicedMan in black writing on the band.

The next thing you notice is the back is made of mesh. The blue pair is to me the sexiest. There is just a hint you can see what’s underneath. I like the black or White but the blue if my favorite. Black typically is very see through. White is usually a little more opaque like this blue. Having mesh on the back lets you show off some without giving all the goods away. I know we have readers who don’t like mesh that shows everything off. This gives you just a hint of fun.

Lastly are the snaps. Each side has two snaps on each side. VicedMan site says “snaps to add a touch of comfort and seduction.” As for comfort, if you have bigger thighs you can unsnap to have more room. For seduction unsnapping can lead to… well I don’t need to tell you what it will lead too!

The front is the cut of a traditional brief with a fly. It’s like VicedMan took the best of traditional and mixed it with something new and contemporary. It’s a really great design that they came up with. Overall this pair is bright and fun. The gold band on the blue pair is a great combination. Find this pair at the VicedMan site for $21 in Black, Blue or White

mike-vicedmancandyI am excited to bring you this interview with VicedMAN. I got a chance to meet Victor in Vegas and talk about his brand for a bit. I was a little bummed that I couldn’t go to his fashion show. I had previous plans and couldn’t change them. So hopefully next time I can go to the show!

We sent questions over to Victor and he commented that they were “very good but tough questions.”  Which I think isIMG_2049 a good thing. Its good for you guys to get to know the brand. If you’re on Instagram you maybe already familiar with their amazing undies. If not read the review and you may try a new brand!

For our readers that aren’t familiar with VicedMAN can you tell them about the brand?

Viced MAN was created for those guys who look for interesting designs, comfort they can feel while wearing them, quality they can value and prices they can afford. The image of Viced MAN represents guys who are not afraid to be daring, sexy and at the same time elegant. Guys also want to be sexy, desired and in control. Wearing a Viced Man will make you feel naughty, sexy, and on the edge of being unique.Viced MAN provides a sexy addiction of yourself.

What made you start VicedMAN?

I wanted to start Viced MAN because i could see that guys are looking for new things in their underwear, something provocative but yet elegant that inspires guys to be who they are and who they want to be. Iced Man provides just that, sexy look, elegancy with a touch of uniqueness. I always had a dream of making underwear because a simple underwear can define who you are.


What are some of your current best sellers?

One of my best sellers is my Candy Collection, its a teasing underwear because of its sexiness, with little left to imagination. Its mesh fabric that creates the amazing look and illusion of being naked. One its best features is the ability to glow in the dark, which fans really love. Comfort is at its most, with soft layers, that won’t scratch you skin at all.

You will be releasing a singlet very soon, can you tell us about it?

Im super excited to release the singlet collection. This design is more conventional to the traditional guy that want something different and not so revealing. This is the first phase of the singlet collection. More will be released as the year goes on. This singlet provides a lower cut in the front to give it a better edgy look and quality.This singlet has been created based on the feedback from my fans, they wanted something sexy, with mesh, with elegancy and creativeness.

What is the best thing about designing underwear?

The best thing about designing underwear is the wonderful warm feeling of having an image in your mind and making it real, something tangible you can touch and feel, and overall that your fans will love and go crazy for. It is not an easy task, takes many months to designs and finally implement. I try to obtain new underwear based on fan feedback, something they want and have not had. Fans hate untasteful clothing. Therefore, i create surveys to better understand my fans and based on that i create a new collection.


You were part of Las Vegas Fashion week, how did the show go?

Fashion Week was a great event. I was so nervous, since i had to walk on the runway as well, my first time doing it. It was a great success and many great feedback was received from the public, models and other designers. Meeting other designers many me feel that my dream is now coming true. Seeing the models walk down the runway with loud music made me realized that this is who i am, where i belong and don’t want to go anywhere else.Dream can become true only if you work really hard at them and give your commitment and dedication to them.

What can we expect from the future from VicedMAN?

You can expect man more things from Viced MAN, crossing borders internationally and many more products to come. Viced MAN will go to be the official underwear of choice. Everything will evolve based an fan feedback because they are who make this brand, they drive the company i am just at the steering wheel.

Find VicedMAN at the VicedMan website, VicedMAN Facebook Page, VicedMAN Instagram account.