For our readers not familiar with your brand, tell them about yourself?

Wojoer (“Wojoer”, pronounced like the French word “voyeur”) is a private label of Wonneberger Manufaktur, based in Mühlau (Saxony, Germany). Wojoer is a still young designer brand of the more than one hundred years old traditional sewing company. In 1882 the sewing factory was founded and built and still today we produce at the same location.   

How long have you been in designing amazing underwear and gear? 

We, Claudia and Jörn Wonneberger, are the creative minds behind the brand. In 2015 we had taken over the sewing shop (we are already the fifth generation), including staff and the already managed erotic private label Robinson. We quickly realized that Robinson was not well suited for a social media world. So we founded Wojoer in 2016.

What are the three important qualities your products have? 

WOJOER = sparkling, young, innovative, lasciviously indecent, soft, hard, SEXy and one hundred percent made in SAXONY. (Sorry, it’s hard to break us down to 3 things 😉

Tell us about some of your newest collections? What has been the best sellers of the past year?

Currently, our new leather ouverte series is the hit! Here come more and more products new to it. Wojoer perennial favourites are unbroken our many colourful BEUN pieces (beun = beach and underwear) and also our exclusive neoprene.  

What has been the biggest influence in creating you in your collection? 

Our fun in developing something new that makes people happy and satisfied. In this process, our customers are also a great source of ideas.

What is coming up for your brand? Anything you can share with our readers?

Sure! We are currently working on two great Eco lines. Our BEUN gets new colors and also becomes absolutely environmentally friendly. (Recycled material which is easy to recycle, short transport distances and fairly produced in house) Also, after five years of uninterrupted success, a new neoprene comes this summer.

Where can our readers find your store and on social media?

We do not have our own store. But customers have the opportunity to shop in our small factory outlet and look over the shoulders of the seamstress, so to speak.  

You can find Wojoer @ and Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and Pinterest  <3 

One brand we are starting to work with is Wojoer. Who is a German brand that makes some amazing gear! Here is a little about them and I can’t wait to interview them more and bring you more from this incrediblel brand.

We are relentlessly creative when creating new styles. We don’t compromise on quality. Our materials are tried and tested, new, and exceptionally suitable. The look is unique, the feel of the fabrics is indescribable.

Wojoer is basically the little luxury under the jeans or the perfectly provocative staged big appearance. Once tried, you will never get out of the ecstasy. The wearing comfort will blow you away because everything is just right. A silky soft, smooth second skin and firm bottom? No problem! Push up for the step or QUICK-FUN functions? You get everything with us! With WOJOER you feel hard, harder, Carbyne *.

  • What is Carbyne? – Currently the hardest matter in the world.