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Wood Underwear 2018 Line

Wood Underwear® LLC is presenting rich coffees and deep chocolates… No we haven’t changed our business. We love these wonderful inspirations for our FW18 line, and you will too.

Wood FW18 debuts a new rich, brown centered palette in a solid Walnut, a classic in Chestnut Checkers, Arbor Blitz striped panes and Maple Herring-bone prints. Color match waistbands, minimal branding, contrast inside stitching all make this season’s Wood a classy classic ‘must have’. Wood’s new seasonal prints and color-ways fill a fashion need while also perfectly fitting the more conservative customer.

Wood underwear 2018 line

“Men’s stores consistently look for ways to refresh without getting too far away from the more discerning and sometimes change-averse male customer. Classic prints and rich color palettes presented in updated and new ways are easy wins,” states Terresa Zimmerman, founder of Wood Underwear. “Developing a line is a blast, but the beauty is when you know you are giving your store something they absolutely can sell on with confidence. These are classic, autumn-color inspired, with our modern take in progressive and proven silhouettes.”

New FW18 color-ways will be available in 4 underwear styles, undershirts and lounge wear.


Wood Underwear® announces its Spring/Summer 18 (SS18) prints –Wood’s suiting inspired windowpanes in Blitz, Crosscut and Junction prints take a page straight out of men’s classics to launch them into a very modern spring basic.

Every collection should have it. Worn by Dukes and Hollywood kings, gangsters, basketball stars and the who’s who of musical talent, throughout the decades, windowpane prints are on the scene…and often set the scene. It’s a bold statement – a man staking a claim he’s his own man.

Wood has brought this bold classic to market in jewel tones on grey grounding in 3 new prints and 5 styles.

“A man in a suit…just amazing. I love going to markets where men dress to the nines. Seeing men in suits, ties, hats, wingtips is nothing less than inspiring.” Terresa Zimmerman, founder of Wood Underwear continues, “As homage to those well dressed men…that we’d love to see more and more of…we designed a range of suiting inspired windowpane prints. We’ve used a masculine color palette, one that also gives our stores great merchandising opportunities with the rest of our line.”


“From the cradle to the coffin underwear comes first.”, a quote from Bertolt Brecht. It was instilled in me at a very young age. My dad was in the apparel industry and always stressed the importance of details when it came to fashion. Underwear was no exception. My love for undies grew from walking around the apparel expos my dad attended. Many early men’s underwear companies were present with models to boot.

I aspired to be that masculine and confident and great underwear was just an extension of this. As I grew older and played sports I fell in love with the practicality of great underwear. I’ve pretty much been an addict ever since. Not only do awesome undies serve a function but it can spice up everyday activities. I won’t even get into the health benefits!

As a straight guy, I want to crush this stigma that underwear means anything other than what YOU want it to mean. Everyone deserves great undies! For me, there is also nothing sexier than when a girl steals and wears your undies. (wink) Better make ‘em fancy!

I recently received, from my underwear subscription service.  A small simple box with the word Wood printed on it. A small square gave a preview of the canary yellow undies inside. This small trendy box would be at home on the shelves in the apple store. I love it! The product inside was even better. A simple yellow boxer brief with a white waistband, Wood stitched in a subtle gold on the band off to the right.

Marketed towards a more seemingly straight outdoors-y market  (Hence, the name Wood).   Simple is the name of the game. They use a super soft Lenzig-modal made from beech  tree cellulose (again, Wood). The fabric actually has some moisture wicking properties. These things even breathe and stand up great for me at the gym!

For me, they sit just below the waist and don’t ride, or show crack, which is one of my biggest peeves. The subtle, elastic around the legs keeps them put as well with no bunching up throughout the day. With my peculiar 35” waist, the L isn’t too loose, and fits and shapes my figure nicely. They also add a bit of lift and form to the butt, which I need and enjoy! The closed front holds “the boys” nicely, and looks fantastic. After many a wash they still feel great, almost like the day I got ‘em, no fabric pilling or any misshapenness. The classic boxer-brief style visually elongates the body and has a slimming effect. Plus, the solid yellow looks great against my pale Irish legs!

These guys have really cracked the code at $20 a pop. They even offer a 3-pack option. I wish they had a color assorted 3 pack I’d total bite. I could easily see someone clearing out their whole drawer to make room for just Wood. Can’t wait to try the hip-brief! Get these boxer briefs for $?? at the Wood Underwear site. Cheers, to this great company!

NOTE: Brady is a new guy who just joined UNB. He’s going to be writing and giving his take on undies




I don’t know where Armando Adajar is finding his models lately but the last few he has had are awesome. The newest one is LOUIS-ANTOINE RAYMOND! He’s wearing the Wood Underwear Camo Collection. We hope you enjoy

Wardrobe: Wood Underwear
Photos by: Armando Adajar

4Two of our favorites has teamed up! Amazing photographer has brought back one of his models Alex for a second shoot featuring Wood Underwear. Wood is an awesome company out of LA that makes great quality underwear!


_DSC8459What happens when you get a great photographer and amazing undies? Some great shots! We are a big fan of wood underwear over here at UNB. So when I saw these I knew we had to post. This features the new stripes collection!

Model: Arad W.
Photos by: Armando Adajar

Wood Underwear Stripes (1)

Last August when I was at Magic. I saw the new Striate collection from Wood Underwear. I was really impressed and this is a great follow up to the Camo collection. Here is what they have to say about the collection.

Striate is here! Wood Underwear®, the brand working hard to eliminate ugly, uncomfortable men’s underwear, is shipping its Spring 2015 collection: the “Striate” line, inspired by – you guessed it- wood and the age rings of a tree.

“We are so excited to get Striate in and introduced to the public. They’ve had sneak peaks but not really a good look and we’re very excited to hear and see the reaction to it.” Terresa Zimmerman, founder of Wood Underwear states, “we love the choices and chances more and more men are starting to take with fashion. Developing their own looks and departing from some norms. Underwear and sleepwear are some of those first steps and we’re seeing some real appreciation from our audience in helping men explore and look and feel great in the process.”

The Striate collection is available in four custom stripe-and-color families: orange, midnight, purple and aqua. Each features four updated underwear styles with a seamless continuous print, made possible by eliminating the underwear’s side seams. Another plus: no side seams means maximum comfort. The ultra-soft and eco-friendly Lenzing Tencel blend washes and wears just like cotton, but also has added moisture, microbial and thermo-control properties.

With great pleasure we bring you the 2014 Holiday Guide shoot. We couldn’t have done it without our sponsors GDD World (Clever, JOR, ManView Bodywear), Modus Vivendi, Cocksox, aussieBum, Wood Underwear and Charles Owo. It was a was our best shoot to date. We had one minor hiccup but other than that the day went super smooth!

The video was released yesterday, which gave you a preview to the shoot. The photographer is Ignacio Rivera Jr. who has shot our last years Holiday Guide and the 2014 Swimwear Guide. Our models are Derek Yates, Chandler, Michael and Nathan. All had a lot of fun during and after the shoot when we did dinner!

We hope you enjoy the pics and get some of these great pairs for yourself or your loved one this holiday Season.



From Left to Right:

  • Chandler (left) is wearing the Clever 5197 Zircon Classic Brief – $28.48
  • Derek (center) is wearing the Clever Denver Tank 7024 – $35.48
  • Michael (right) is wearing  the Clever 5206 Arena Brief – $27.49
  • Available at Candyman Fashions


From Left to Right:

  • Derek (left) is wearing the Clever 5186 Modena Latin Brief – $27.48
  • Nathan (right) is wearing the Clever 2209 – Soccer Boxer – $31.48
  • Available at Candyman Fashions




From left to right:

  • Derek (left) is wearing the JOR 0083 – Fractal Brief – $28.90
  • Chandler (center) is wearing the JOR 0105 – Elephant Tank $44.90 and the JOR 0077 – Elephant Brief – $28.90
  • Michael (right) is wearing JOR 0071 – Buda Brief – $28.90
  • Available at Candyman Fashions


From Left to Right:

  • Michael (left) is wearing the JOR 0062 – Athletic Brief Grey – $25.50
  • Nathan (center) is wearing the JOR 0050 Rally Brief Jocks – $25.50
  • Chandler (right) is wearing the JOR 0061 – Athletic Boxer Red – $26.50
  • Available at Candyman Fashions


ManView Bodywear



From Left to Right

  • Derek (left) is wearing the ManView – Campus Class Joker Brief MV1001 – $23.49
  • Chandler (center) is wearing the ManView – Campus Fraternity Brief MV5001 – $25.48
  • Michael (right) is wearing the ManView – Campus Class Jock MV3003 – $19.48
  • Available at Candyman Fashions


From Left to Right:

  • Michael (left) is wearing the ManView Campus City Boy Brief – MV4001 – $25.48
  • Nathan (right) is wearing the ManView – Campus Basics Brief MV6001 – $23.48
  • Available at Candyman Fashions


 Modus Vivendi


From Left to Right:

  • Nathan (left) is wearing the Modus Vivendi – Converter Boxer17221 – 27.50 Euros
  • Chandler (right) is wearing the Modus Vivendi – Langot Brief – 04413 – 26.00 Euros
  • Available at Modus Vivendi


From Left to Right:

  • Derek (left) is wearing the Modus Vivendi – Sumo Brief – 29.90 Euros
  • Nathan (middle left) is wearing the Modus Vivendi – Archaic Brief – 17111 – 18.90 Euros
  • Chandler (middle right) is wearing the  Modus Vivendi Eternal Brief – 02412 – 22.50 Euros
  • Michael (right) is wearing the Bon Bon Mini Brief – 20115 – 18.00 Euros
  • Available at Modus Vivendi




From Left to Right:

  • Chandler (left) is wearing aussiebum Wonder Jock Pro Brief – $19.30
  • Nathan (middle left) is wearing  aussieBum Gladiator Toga – $35.75
  • Michael (middle right) is wearing aussieBum Super Hero L-Leg – $39.90
  • Derek (right) is wearing the aussieBum Cup – $14.55
  • Available at aussieBum



unbfall14-34From Left to Right:

  • Derek (left) is wearing the CSX76 – $29.00
  • Nathan (middle left) is wearing the CSX03 – $29.00
  • Michael (middle right) is wearing the Cocksox CSX65 – $35.00
  • Chandler (right) is wearing CSX68 – $34.00
  • Available at  Cocksox


Wood Underwear


From Left to Right:

  • Chandler (left) is wearing the Wood Underwear Digital Camo  – $28.00
  • Derek (middle) is wearing the Wood Underwear Forrest Camo – $28.00
  • Michael (right) is wearing the Wood Underwear Liquid camo – $28.00
  • Available at Wood Underwear


Charles Owo

unbfall14-33From Left to Right

  • Chandler (left) is wearing the Charles Owo Bold Cotton Brief – $27.00
  • Michael (middle) is wearing the Charles Owo Coastain Boxer Brief – $28.00
  • Derek (right) is wearing the Charles Owo Coastain Boxer Brief – $28.00
  • Available at Charles Owo

We want to thank our sponsors and models and photographer for making this an amazing shoot. This week coming up we will have interviews with all our models. Also we will be posting more pictures and videos on our Instagram!


3000T_digitalcamo_front__11739.1409069976.1280.1280I am really excited to be able to review for you readers the Wood Trunk, Digital Camo print. When I first received them I was beyond excited. The pattern is great fun and to add to the charm is a small “W” in a circle randomly placed throughout the pattern. This adds a touch of fun that is always needed with underwear.

Upon getting them I did my visual QC inspection and was very pleased with the material and the construction. The camo pattern was fun and something totally new for me. I love bright colors and patterns with my underwear, but I have never had camo print underwear. The material was soft and stretchy but supportive. The combination of 35% Tencil, 60% cotton and 5% Elastane proved to be the perfect combination.

I always prefer to wear my review underwear to work because I do a lot of moving at work. Sitting, standing, bending, lifting, stretching and climbing stairs. I want to make sure I do a full range of motions to provide an accurate review.

From the moment I put them on in the morning they were amazingly comfortable. The wide waistband was snug and perfect fitting. Not binding or pinching but smooth feeling. The leg openings were perfect. Not too tight and not too lose. The butt was perfect as was the front pouch. Both were really well designed and fit like they were tailor made.

Throughout the entire day I had no issues with them the legs didn’t ride up or bunch. The waistband was smooth and stayed in place. Even during my workout they were ideal.

The Wood Trunks did not overheat or feel sweaty. The cotton breathed nicely. They were truly a pleasure to wear all day.

I have worn them a couple times since my first wearing and I am really pleased with how they hold up after wearing them and laundering them. One small drawback is after several washings the color has started to fade just a little.


  • Soft material
  • Fun and stylish print
  • Comfortable for all day wearing
  • Great fit for your butt and crotch
  • Very sexy and stylish underwear


  • The print started to fade a little bit


  • Daily fit – 10
  • Sizing – 10
  • Construction/Material – 9.5
  • Styling – 10
  • Daily Performance – 10
  • Overall – 9.92

I totally recommend you guys give the Wood Trunk Camo Print a try. They are a newer brand and they make great underwear. These trunks are in my regular rotations now.

Wood Underwear furnished this pair for review.

WoodUnderwear_PhotographerGerryVillaromanWood Underwear just let us know they showed in LA Fashion week. They are fast becoming a brand to watch! The reason I say this is they have a laid back California vibe. I have talked to the owner Terresa a few times over the last years and she takes it seriously but still has fun with the line.

The new line coming is the Camo line as you see. It is a print they created for their exclusive use. When the line is released, I’ll tell you more about it. But, men’s lines need to show more in fashion weeks across the world! Men’s underwear is becoming more and more of a fashion statement. Long gone are the days of black, white and grey. More guys are paying attention to their undies!

Want to find out more about the show, here is the press release they sent:

Wood Underwear®, LLC, joined Project ETHOS, presented by Scion, during LA Fashion Week, and hit the runway with its fall/winter custom camo line at the Avalon Hollywood. Wood introduced three custom camo prints for the Fall/Winter2014
season. The line will come out in a tencel/cotton/elastane blend fabric, which adds another ‘wood’ to Wood.

Project Ethos merges creative elements – fashion, music, art, theatre and dance – as a showcase to industry and consumer audiences. More than 1500 attendees included local and international industry players as well as such notable names as NBA sportscaster John Salley, Scheana Marie and Kristen Doute of Vanderpump Rules, True Blood’s Natasha Alam, Dan Feuerriegel from Spartacus, Anthony Pazos, star of LA Hair, and many more.

Wood Underwear featured its Wood Orange, Navy, Forest Green and Royal Purple in a variety of styles from its Hermosa Beach Collection (available now) as well as several styles and all 3 of its custom camo prints from its Fall/Winter 2014 line (available August 1).

photographer credit: Gerry Villaroman