Wood Underwear Stripes (1)

Last August when I was at Magic. I saw the new Striate collection from Wood Underwear. I was really impressed and this is a great follow up to the Camo collection. Here is what they have to say about the collection.

Striate is here! Wood Underwear®, the brand working hard to eliminate ugly, uncomfortable men’s underwear, is shipping its Spring 2015 collection: the “Striate” line, inspired by – you guessed it- wood and the age rings of a tree.

“We are so excited to get Striate in and introduced to the public. They’ve had sneak peaks but not really a good look and we’re very excited to hear and see the reaction to it.” Terresa Zimmerman, founder of Wood Underwear states, “we love the choices and chances more and more men are starting to take with fashion. Developing their own looks and departing from some norms. Underwear and sleepwear are some of those first steps and we’re seeing some real appreciation from our audience in helping men explore and look and feel great in the process.”

The Striate collection is available in four custom stripe-and-color families: orange, midnight, purple and aqua. Each features four updated underwear styles with a seamless continuous print, made possible by eliminating the underwear’s side seams. Another plus: no side seams means maximum comfort. The ultra-soft and eco-friendly Lenzing Tencel blend washes and wears just like cotton, but also has added moisture, microbial and thermo-control properties.


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