It’s XDress’ first interview with one of our incredible models, Shawn. We asked Shawn all about what it’s like to be a model for XDress, as well as some other questions about his personal life. More interviews are to come with our other models, so subscribe to the XDress Lingerie channel to see all of our incredible videos. Visit to view and shop for excellent lingerie that fits your lifestyle!

Have some fun with Xdress
I had the great pleasure to ask XDress some questions about what makes them, them and I’m equally excited to share our back and forth with you all. The brand first caught my attention on Twitter when I was searching for different underwear styles and I have to admit, I was fascinated. While I never acted on the instinct, when I was younger I was curious about the different styles of underwear that my sisters would leave strewn about the house and bathrooms. So my attention was instantly piqued by XDress.

Below are some amazing responses from the brand that I think everyone should read. The most important part that stood out to me was their emphasis on allowing anyone, any man to experience and indulge his feminine side. As people who are complex creatures who even in the most 1950’s style terms could never be described as fully a masculine or a fully feminine creature and I think using underwear as an outlet to help express parts of yourself you might not often do, is inspiring.

One other thing I want to point out that is more of a “sense” than an actual thing written below is this: XDress is a very fun, exciting, and engaging brand. They really love engaging with customers and potential customers. I think they do a wonderful job or intriguing people and then engaging with them. Really it this sentiment can be summed up with the drink that they picked to describe themselves: a Cosmo.

So enjoy my interview with XDress!

Beau: How long has XDress been operating?

XDress: XDress has been in business since 1988! Almost 30 years of offering beautiful panties for men!

Beau: Happy almost 30th!!

Beau: What were some of the founding philosophies or ideas?

XDress: We wanted to make products for men who were interested in crossdressing, but we wanted to make them in a way that made them feel like the items were made specifically for them. Since our items are made to fit the male form, they don’t give the feeling that you’re squeezing into some panties that weren’t meant for a man’s body. Our items are made so that men can also tap into their femininity, just as much as women our allowed to be! We also believe in keeping our production based locally in Arizona, providing jobs and work to people right in our home state.


Beau: Makes total sense, men want to have that form, that style but at the same time, there’s more that can need to go into it. Also, love the home state perspective, that’s great to hear.

Beau: How is the XDress structured/how does it function?

XDress: We have our designer who comes up with all of the ideas, either from her own creation or through collaboration with other manufacturers. Once the designs are finalized, our in-house seamstress will make a sample of the design for the media team to take photos of at our product shoots. While the media team works on the photos and social media part of getting the word out about the new products, our seamstresses, as well as any manufacturers we’re partnered with, will get the product all sewn together. From there, the item is made available on our website for our wonderful shipping team to send out to the customer!

Beau: What’s the best part of being a part of the XDress team?

XDress: We definitely love that we offer items that men can wear to fully express themselves, despite how society tries to put them in a box. Our customers are always so happy to see new frilly, lacy, or silky garments from us, and just knowing that we’re giving them something that makes them feel good inside is satisfying for all of us.

Beau: How would you describe the character of XDress? Care to put it into a Hogwarts house or perhaps a Disney character?

XDress: The character of XDress would definitely be someone who’s fun and flirty, but who can amp up the class at a moment’s notice. If XDress was sorted into a Harry Potter house, it definitely would be Slytherin. Something about our seductive nature just makes that feel right. And if XDress was a Disney princess? We’re a little like Mulan in a way, since we’re going against the gender grain to show the world that men don’t just have to be masculine!


Beau: I always respect someone who can put themselves into Slytherin, I imagine you’re a bit like me, part Slyhterin and part Hufflepuff. And yes, Mulan makes perfect sense.

Beau: If XDress was going out for a drink on Friday night, what would it be drinking?

  1. Definitely a cosmopolitan, because we’re a little fruity, a little flirty, and a whole lot of fun!

Beau: Yay cosmos!

Beau: What sort of response has XDress gotten since launching?

XDress: There’s definitely an interesting mix of responses that we’ve gotten since we started selling panties for men. Because it’s such a niche market, we get the best responses from our regulars who have been buying from us for years, or the people who happen to find us through social media because they’re looking for a crossdressing community to follow. More mainstream outlets tend to treat our products as jokes or something “weird,” but we notice that it still gives us publicity and attracts new customers, despite how they frame our company. So really, the joke’s on them!

Beau: How does XDress approach its design process?

XDress: We look to design items that keep up with the latest trends in fashion, to keep a sort of modern sensibility to our products. Some items we’ll try to make more simple, but we definitely like to go big and bold with some other designs, that way we have something for everyone.

Beau: What would you like our readers to know about XDress that they might not?

XDress: I think we’d want them to know that, even though we cater mostly to cross-dressing individuals, our products are for any guy who would be interested in trying some more “feminine” clothing items. The world of fashion is really changing, and going a tad more feminine with a man’s wardrobe is way more common nowadays, so our products are really for any man who feels like tapping into their femininity.

Beau: Using underwear as an outlet for that is amazing, it’s great that you are able to help offer people that ability.

Beau: How would you describe (if you want) the XDress consumer?

XDress: The typical XDress customer is very enthusiastic, for sure! Our customers are always letting us know how excited they are about new products, are happy to give us feedback about our designs, and are always willing to engage with us on social media. I very rarely see customers get this passionate about a company they love, so it’s amazing to be working at a company where the customers are so proactive about showing their appreciation!