Almost Naked


What can be said for Andrew Christian that hasn’t already been said?  I don’t think there is anything else that can be said other than the guy is a pure genius in the arena of underwear designers.  It’s refreshing to know that a designer has come along that realizes underwear should fit you in accordance to what you posses and not what little or more the designer guesses you can place inside their creations.  A true testament to the designer is when his/her creations accentuate the wearer and not force them to hide their body.  Andrew Christian has nailed this premise with his Almost Naked line of briefs, trunks, and boxers.  I have acquired a pair of boxers to review for UNB.

I should state before I get into the review that I am not a frequent boxer brief wearer.  I do not wear boxers at all, but I will occasionally put on a pair of boxer briefs.  No matter the design, if I wear them, they have to be comfortable.  My complaint about boxer briefs is that on my body, they ride like you would not believe.  I will spent most of the day stopping on the sidewalk or in a store and pull the legs back into place.  As you can imagine, this does cause some strange looks from others.  I simply stand up and smile, mostly at the other guys smiling toward me, because deep down inside, they know exactly what I’m doing and why.  When I wore these, I found myself missing those looks as I never once had to pull them back into place.

I hold the Andrew Christian Almost Naked Sport Boxer in the utmost high praise.  The material (94% Super Soft Rayon made from Bamboo and 6% Spandex) is soft and flexible yet strong enough to stay put when you are actively moving about the office or out in public.  The Sport Boxer features the Anti-Muffin Top elastic “for a slimmer looking waistline.”  The waistband measures 1.75 inches (4.445 cm).  The leg openings are the same fabric and color as the piping along the sides (not visible) adding to the aesthetic of these boxers.  The construction of the natural-hang pouch is beyond explanation.  Whatever you posses, the pouch will easily uplift and present.  I’ve seen pictures of certain performers wearing the Almost Naked line and, without a doubt, there should be no second guessing whether or not they will provide adequate room and allow a natural hang to avoid pinching.

I wore these while at work for an eight hour shift.  The problem with many of the boxer briefs I wear is that when I am sitting at work, the boxers slide up my leg and tend to bunch.  I was surprised when I stood up and felt the boxers  had remained in place.  That caused me to love them from then on.   I reviewed a medium but feel that I could use a small.  My body is stuck in one of those “in between” sizes where you never truly know what size to purchase.

Fit 5
Materials 5
Construction 5
Look 5
Daily Wear 5

A wonderful aspect about purchasing from Andrew Christian is the fact that you can be sure you are buying American made products.  These and other designs created by AC are made in the design studio in Los Angeles, CA.  That, in itself, gives me motivation to buy from this company because it allows many Americans to have jobs in this time of economic insecurity.

The Andrew Christian Almost Naked Sports Boxer is a fantastic addition in the world of men’s underwear.  If you are a constant wearer of this design, having this boxer in your collection would be a benefit.  You can find the AC Sports Boxer at the company website located at www.andrewchristianshop.com and they are priced at $34.00.

These boxers were provided for our review.

I hope that everyone had a chance to read my last review about the Andrew Christian “Show-It” swim trunks and have picked up a pair for themselves. I have another great suit to tell you about that would be a very BOLD addition to your summer swimwear. It is the Andrew Christian “Almost Naked” Swim Bikini. Again, our friends at Andrew Christian were kind enough to send us this suit to review. Let me give you some advise. The design is bold, but when you get the suit in white, you are asking for some trouble. Good trouble that is!


The fit of the “Almost Naked” bikini suit was great. It gave ample coverage in the front and back. The pouch of the bikini swimsuit is a unique feature that gives it its very bold and sexy look. Not only has the pouch been created to cup your package, but also allows it to hang ergonomically correct. This means it gives your package a very comfortable and “obvious” pouch in which to sit. From the pictures, you can see this suit is not for the faint or boring at heart.

The materials used to create this sexy looking swimsuit are fantastic. The bikinis feel soft and at the same time durable. They are made with Sport UPF Fade Resistant Fabric 50+ which means that over 95.7% of UV rays are blocked by the fabric. Sport UPF Resistant Fabric is also fade resistant meaning you will be able to wear it in the sun all summer before the fabric begins to fade.


I have been told that bikini/speedo style suits are not that flattering on me and can emphasize the size of my hips. Opinions, however, vary and if you are like me and have the confidence to wear this suit, you will LOVE IT! One thing that should be noted about the particular pair that I reviewed was the color. I reviewed the bikini suit in white, and there is some translucency when it gets wet. It’s not too bad. But it should be taken under advisement. I do feel that the white color of this suit very much adds to its bold and sexy look. If you want to be bold and sexy, but not “white swimsuit” bold, then opt for one of the other colors. There is no doubt in my mind that you will still turn heads while wearing this suit around the pool and at the beach.


Check out the Andrew Christian “Almost Naked” swim bikini because I think it’s a daring new addition to my collection. If I have the balls to wear it, you should too! I give it an overall rating of 5 on a scale of 5.

Fit:                   5

Materials:          5

Put Together:    5

Look:                5

Daily Wear:       5

Overall:            5

You can purchase the “Almost Naked” swim bikini and other Andrew Christian swimwear and underwear at their website www.andrewchristian.com.