Express Underwear


express-undiesOk good, now with that out of the way let me tell you about one of my favorite brands of underwear. Express is known for great fitting dress shirts, and stylish clothing, but something they do well also is underwear. It comes in Sport Trunks, Boxer Briefs, and then online they have briefs.

I started buying their underwear because I liked the colors and patterns on it. For me these aren’t your fancy underwear but a nice pair to just wear on a day to day basis. To me they are a more upscale version of Hanes. I mainly started buying pairs when I would find them on clearance, can’t pass up a pair for $6.

My favorite style Express offers is the Sports trunk. This is a redesign for them from a normal trunk. The sport truck is slightly shorter. The materials are cotton and spandex. The material is extremely comfortable and fits excellent around my bubble butt.

The briefs, when you can find them online in your size, which can be hard to do sometimes are really nice. I enjoy the feel of them against me. The elastic around the legs does an excellent job of holding up throughout the day. It also stretches nicely to accommodate my butt.

So if you get a chance to check out some Express underwear I do recommend it. They just started carrying a Core Performance line for working out. I know I am going to be getting them soon to try them out.

Disclaimer: I am an employee of Express. I am not getting compensated for writing a review about their product…I just like it on my own accord.


First off I would like to say hi, I’m Bryce and I have a bubble butt. As the proud owner of a bubble butt I have learned that not many underwear brands think about guys with butts.

Having a bubble butt can be an amazing thing. It makes your pants look good, and helps hold your pants up so you don’t have to have a belt. It can get you attention from guys. You also have cushion if you are clumsy like I am.

Underwear looks amazing on a bubble butt but after awhile it can look less than great. This is my one big complaint to underwear brands. For guys with bubble butts some underwear just stretches out. It becomes uncomfortable and starts to ride up.

My biggest recommendation for underwear brands is to make it with fabric that is more flexible. Briefs can be especially bad since there is not extra fabric on the legs. I have found some brands make the leg holes with strong enough elastic that it won’t stretch out.

Some great brands I have found so far include 2xist, Andrew Christian, Express and Clever.

With 2xist I haven’t ever found a style I don’t love with them. One of my favorite styles is the Sports Collection they released a couple years ago. The fabric is soft and has plenty of stretch for a bubble butt. They don’t stretch out or get baggy feeling after hours of wear. The 2xist Plaid line from 2 years ago was also a great style. It was less sporty feeling and just a nice cotton material. Would stretch perfectly and continue to look great on by the end of the day.

Express actually makes some great underwear. I wouldn’t recommend it for people with bigger bulges because they don’t make big pouches. The material is simple but does stretch well. I mainly have sport trunks and boxer briefs which make it easier to fit a butt. I did recently purchase some Express briefs and really like them. The elastic around the leg is perfect and stays tight after a day of movement.

I have one pair of Clever. While the pair doesn’t have the stretch others do I still love them. I think one of the main reasons I love them is how they hug my butt. The pair fit perfectly and clings to the butt like you see in all the underwear ads.

What are some favorite brands of other guys with bubble butts? We want to hear from you guys which brands fit the best for a bubble butt!