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valentines0guideWe changed it up and have divided up our 2014 Guide. We didn’t shoot this one but rather picked some great pairs for you guys. It’s divided up into classic, mild and wild! We hope you enjoy.

Classic Style – Perfect for Date nights:

A date night some guys want to go more classic rather then over the top. Not every guy wants to be sporting mesh or a thong. Which remember it takes all kinds. These guys like to have something that is very comfortable and has classic styling.  That doesn’t mean you can’t have some great colors, it doesn’t have to be black or white. You can mix fabric, waistband and trim colors and still remain “classic”. For Valentines day we recommend black or Red as the two colors to focus on. If possible mix the two the combination of the two just pop!

2(X)ist Love Briefs2xist Love Contour Brief (Black) – $18.00 – Black underwear is always sexy and this pair with the red waistband is amazing and would look great under a pants or a suit. The red waistband just sets it off really nicely.

Go Softwear Pop TruknGo Softwear Pop Mod Trunk (Red) $23.00 – I have to remember not all guys love briefs but this pair from Go Softwear is a red color and style. Classic yet definitely not plain

CR7 Luxury BriefCR7 Luxury Brief (Red)- $30.00 – For those fellow brief guys who want something fun but still want great coverage the CR7 brief would be perfect. The luxury brief is a full cut brief with a pouch design.  Made out of Pima cotton

Baskit Contrast Boxer BriefBaskit Contour Boxer Brief (red) – $23.00 – This is the pair for the guy who loves boxer briefs. The Contrast line has a bright main color with a great contrasting waistband and trim. Made out of cotton elastine blend

Fun Night out – For the guy who wants something a little wilder

If you’re not a classic guy you want to show a little more skin, show off a bit more of the bulge or just want to surprise your partner after a romantic dinner we have some for you. These are some that I personally love, and have worn on dates before so I know what I’m talking about! Those will definitely leave an impression on your partner after the date is done!

Cocksox CX01 Brief
Cocksox CX01 (Red) – $24.00 – One of my favorites. The red is perfect for Valentines day. The great pouch shows off what you have under your pants so you will be showing off just a bit in your pants. The bikini fit is amazingly comfy and will be awesome through dinner. Picture from International Jock. Buy through them or Cocksox

Joe Snyder Pride Frame Thongt_producto_371_665

Joe Snyder Pride Fram Thong (Red) – $24.00 – This is for the guy who’s ready to step up and wear something super fun and skimpy. The black trim does what it’s intended too, frame your pride. The pouch in these are bigger then other Joe Snyder, so it will be able to show off what you have!

Gregg Homme Booty BriefGregg Homme Booty (Red) – $42.00 – I know not everyone wants to show off their pouch, some were blessed with the bubble butt. I was not but the Booty Briefs are great for the guy with a great butt. It has the full front but the fabric straps in the back. Our very own Bryce loved these.

1-15-14-peekAndrew Christian Valentines Peek-a-Boo Brief (as Shown)- $24 – This pair was one that was made just for Valentines’s day from Andrew Christian. The pouch of this pair flips open. Yes you heard right. The pouch is not attached the bottom of the pair and allows for easy access. The pair is definitely made for Valentines; silver waistband, pink trim and red pouch/back panels.

Walk on the Wild Side – For the bold and those who want to show it all off

We have many readers who love what is termed fetish wear. You know the super hot, skimpy and leaves very little to the imagination. No mater gay/straight these will be pairs your partner will remember for a long time to come! It’s super fun and not for the shy guy. I imagine many of our readers wearing this under their suits to dinner then coming home for a romantic night and having the underwear be a topic of conversation! Or you could just answer the door in these and skip the date and get right to dessert

Candyman Gladiator
Candyman Gladiator (As shown)- $40 – The bedroom should be fun and the use of costumes is nothing new. Candyman is known for their fun underwear costumes. One that is timely now is the Gladiator costume. You could role play two of the most recent gladiator themed shows, Hercules or Spartacus!

PQ7-7 (2)PetitQ C-string (Black PVC)- $16 – We have profiled this before but it’s really fun. I could see many readers having their partner come in be laying on the sofa in the C-string with a  rose. The C-String is just a pouch, it’s the least amount of underwear you can wear. Available in Solid, lace and PVC fabrics. Don’t worry you can be active and it will still stay one, well for as long as you want it too!


Cellblock13 Renegade Pant Jock (White)- $68.00 – Not all eroticwear has to be skimpy. The Cellblock 13 Renegade Pant Jock is styled similar to a football pants so you have the sports gear fetish with the jock back.

AM876_FV_V13Andres Velasco – Leopard Print Mesh Body Suit – $39.00 – If you’re staying in for Valentines day the Leopard Print Mesh Bodysuit would be a fun one to enjoy with your partner. This pair has a great pouch made out of the leopard print framed by black that will show off your manhood. It will be as much fun to take off as it was to put on.

These are only a few pairs there are hundreds more. We hope you will buy some of these or it will spark your own ideas for amazing valentines underwear. There was something for everyone in this guide. We have a few more posts this week about Valentines underwear. If you are ordering online make sure you place an order this week to ensure that you get them in plenty of time for Valentines Day. Online stores will sell out! So don’t wait.

If you think there is a pair we should include let us know. Post a comment with a link or email us and we’ll let you guys know!

gosoftwear-glow collectionI love Go Softwear. They have a great sense of style and are run by two amazing guys. If you read our 5 year post, Go Softwear is one reason UNB is where it is, so I love to give back when I can!  Also lately with all the new brands that are out there we need to go back to basics sometime and give Go Softwear some exposure to you guys so you can rediscover them.

They have a new line called Glow. Which is a grey with a bright trim in various colors. Which I think looks great. I’m not the biggest fan of grey but this adds something to the pair and I would wear them.

I think the use of trim is often over looked by buyers and makers at times. I mean there is so much you can do with trim. So to take what many of our readers would consider a plain pair and put some pop on it is greatly appreciated.  Also we have many readers who want a more subdued pair for the gym or other times where something totally wild and neon would get strange looks. This would allow you or show your personality but still be a little conservative.

The styles in this range are: Muscle Tank, Tank top with Pocket, Trunk, “Cut-Out” brief, Double-Fly brief and Jockstrap. The one pair I love is the Double-Fly brief. As the name suggests it’s has a unique construction so if you like a fly you can have access through either side, not just one.

gosfotwear-glow-cutout gosfotwear-glow-brief gosoftwear-glow-trunk

 The line is made out of 95% cotton and 5% spandex. So it will fit you well for every day wear and be a great pair to wear daily or to the gym.  Prices Range from $19.50 to $30.50. Find them on the Go Softwear website

#2731 Full Package Bikini Black (crotch & Butt Padding) # 1

Shape wear for men has become a staple in the world of men’s underwear. Over the last few years the brands producing it has exploded. Over the evolution it has gone from function to fashion. The first ones were just standard but now they have added a bit of fashion to the design.

The collection consists of 6 unique body shaper garments designed to lift, sculpt and contour specific problem areas in the male anatomy such as the buttocks, stomach, waist and crotch area. These garments are designed to help guys look their best under their daily attire or for that special event by displaying a more sculpted looking rear end and torso giving your body and confidence an extra boost.  The padded underwear are made of soft/cotton lycra with strategically designed padding in the butt and crotch to instantly contour and lift those areas. The Full body and Torso shaper are constructed from a soft and stretchy power-net fabric made of nylon/spandex to instantly give you a slimmer and contoured shape.

The Male body shaper collection consists of the following items and come in the classic black and white colors:

  • Padded bikini (padding in the butt and crotch)
  • Padded butt bikini
  • Padded butt boxer brief
  • Torso shaper (goes on and wears like a tank top)
  • Full body shaper
  • The “package” Lifter (gives your family jewels a more defined profile under your clothes)

Find these at the Go Softwear Site

#2733M Padded Boxer Brief (back only) White # 1 #2738 Body Shaper White  #3 2 #2738 Body Shaper Blk #2 2

#2735 Torso Shaper Blk # 1 #2733M Padded Boxer Brief (back only) White # 3 #2731 Full Package Bikini Black (crotch & Butt Padding) # 3


The journey that is UNB started five years ago this month. Each year I try to pinpoint the exact day that UNB was born but always come up short. The formation of UNB came about when I got laid off from my marketing job in 2008. I had worked at another underwear blog briefly and it wasn’t covering what I wanted to know about underwear. So the journey began. I figured it would be a great way to get some great undies and occupy my time for the few months I was out of a job.

Well the economic downturn of 2008 happened and the unemployment lasted a bit longer then I had expected. UNB quickly became a job for me to have an outlet for my creative energy. There wasn’t much pay but it was a lot of fun. I have met some amazing people, many whom I consider my friends, that I never would have met had I not started UNB.

Some of my best memories of the last 5 years:

  • There are a few companies who have been there since the beginning and Baskit is one of those. Eric at Baskit took the time to really give me a great education of the industry and was the one person responsible for my first trip to Vegas in 2010. It was a super fast trip. I was in Vegas literally for a day. Flew in at 7 PM and was out the next night at 11 PM. But I got to meet a lot of the people i have been emailing and talking too on the phone. As they say it’s great to do an online friendship but nothing beats face to face. Ever since then I have gone to Vegas to meet with brands. Eric is a great resource for me and the blog.
  • I was an underwear lover, and like most, we never really know what it takes to make underwear. I mean the actual production. Alex at Go Softwear took time and spent over an hour explaining the industry from sourcing to production. It was crash course in underwear production. To this day I still draw on that conversation when I’m talking production.
  • In 2009 I have met one of my favorite people in the world. It is our Asst Editor Emeritus John. He, i think, responded to a post I did about finding writers/reviewers. Little did I know when he responded, we would work so well together. We built a lot of what UNB is back in 2009-2010. He has had professional obligations that he has taken a step back from the blog but he is still a friend and you will see him on the site from time to time.
  • Hosting has always been an issue. When we started we were on blogger. We moved off because the URL never functioned well, so we got our own hosting in March 2009. The jump way made. Things went pretty well for the next two years. Then we hit the magic number and our server hosting started to throttle us and we upgraded to our own server. It was a few weeks of pain for readers and myself, but since then we have had relatively few issues. We hope it stays that way
  • Another person I have to thank is Alex here. You know him from the Video reviews and if you follow us on Twitter. He has taken to both those mediums and really spread the word about UNB. He’s consistently gone above and beyond for the blog. He’s been our good will ambassador for quite a while. He recently was named our newest Asst Editor, a position he so rightfully deserved!
  • Flash forward a few years and one of the best people I have met is Matt from Designer Drawers. We met a year ago when I drove over from Atlanta to Birmingham. He has been amazing to work with in shoots and models. He has amazing ideas and is one of the reasons the UNB shoots have improved over the last year. It’s a great relationship because he is very outgoing and I’m a little more introverted. Yeah I”m ore of the quiet nerdy guy. Which to me isn’t a bad thing but he comes up with the great ideas and bounce ideas off each other and sometimes I just let him run with it and the results are just amazing.
  • One of the most recent memories is the “Who is your favorite underwear model?” post. This was done one night at 10 PM on a Thursday I think, and I figured we’d get a few hundred votes and announce the winner. Well, Philip Fusco and Jon Varak both had people tell them about the post (and who ever you guys are, I owe you undies) and they both started to campaign for the title. They both were super friendly and it never went negative. It was a lot of fun, plus I got to talk to a little to each Philip and Jon. Shortly there after I had a phone conversation with Jon. He really impressed me how down to earth and how he has his priorities in place. Not only is he handsome but he’s super nice. I have death with people in the industry who can be about them and how great they look. Jon was anything but he was surprised he was in the poll and just a joy to talk too! Well the results of the poll were released and we had over 12,000 votes. It blew me away. That has been the biggest thing we have ever done. Granted it wasn’t scientific and guys could vote as much as they wanted!

There are a few memories and people that I had to mention. There are many more people who have helped make UNB a success. I want to thank all those I didn’t mention as well for the success over the last five years. There are too many to mention.

Lastly would be you guys, our readers. Without you none of this would have been possible. You guys are amazing and keep sharing your love of underwear. We are working hard to get the site more personal so you get to know us and hopefully consider us friends as well. We have a lot in the works and plan on telling you about it later this year. The world of men’s underwear is an amazing community and I’m honored to be a part of it.

American-jock-Endurance-Jock-SingletAre you a singlet fan? This past year they have really taken off big time. No longer relegated to the wrestling mat. Singlets are being worn for fetish wear and every day wear! You maybe asking, how are they being worn for everyday? Well, I have seen guys wear them as tanks with jeans. Also you can wear it under you work out shorts or pants so your shirt won’t ride up. However, as we all know many guys have been wearing them for fetish wear that include bar nights.

Go Softwear’s American Jock line has come out with the Endurance Jock Singlet. Which is a smaller cut singlet with a jock back. If you look at the singlet they made ti so it has a brief/jock pouch. They have seamed the front to give it that contour pouch so many of our readers love.

About the pair:

  • Fabric – 90% cotton 10% lycra
  • Colors – Navy/Yellow, Black/Red or Charcoal/Lime
  • Singlet and jockstrap design all in one
  • Scoop neck front with spacious armholes
  • Front pouch along with jockstrap configuration
  • Cost – $37.50

Available at the Go Softwear Site.



We have all kinds of underwear lovers on the site. There are those who love the wild and to wear a pair of white briefs would be blasphemy.  It goes against everything they hold dear in underwear. However there are times when you may need to wear something a little more sedate but you should not have to give up fit for styling.

Those times maybe as simple as going to the doctor, changing at the gym or having your underwear seen in public. We know not everyone will want to wear a leopard bikini print to the gym. Because of that, we are here to show you some pairs that are classic but definitely not boring. They are made with classical styling but with great materials, construction and design. Here are a few pairs we think you should check out

We have listed out some basic info on each line. If need a pair, compare the brands and see which one best fits your needs.

2xist-essentials2(X)ist Essential Line

  • This line has very classic styling in the Pouch Brief, No-Show Brief, Trunk and Boxer brief.
  • Made out of  100% Cotton
  • Colors available are black and white
  • Simple 2(X)ist logo waistband
  • Sold at the 2(X)ist website


Marcuse Ultra Brief

  • This is the smallest of the ones on the list. It is stylish but not over the top.
  • Made out of 95% Cotton 5% Elastane
  • Colors available are black, grey and white
  • A matching branded logo and red accents on the brief body
  • Sold at the Marcuse Website


C-IN2 Core Line

  • Available in a Lo No Show Brief, Profile Brief, Army Trunk, Boxer Brief and Boxer
  • Made out of 100% Cotton
  • Colors available are black, white and grey
  • Simple C-IN2 logo waistband
  • Sold at the C-IN2 website


2EROS Black Label Brief

  • Not every pair has to be a solid waistband and Brief, has classic styling but not materials/waistband
  • Made out of 87% Tactel (Nylon) /13% Elastane (same as their jock series)
  • Colors Available are white and navy
  • Each color has a navy 2eros waistband designed specially for the line
  • Sold at the 2EROS site


Baskit Simple Line

  • Available in two styles a brief and a boxer brief.
  • Each style has a wide grey waistband with the Baskit logo
  • Made out of 96% Cotton 4% Elastane
  • Colors available Cool Yellow, Deep Red, Peppermint, Rivera Blue and Super White.
  • Sold at the Baskit Site


CK Body Collection

  • The Body collection is specially contoured to fit a man’s body
  • Available in Trunk, Hip Brief, Thong and Boxer Brief
  • Has a tagless design for added comfort
  • Made out of 100% cotton
  • Colors available are Black and White
  • Sold at the International Jock Website.


Go Softwear Boxed Basics

  • The Signature styles from Go Softwear that have a classic look.
  • Styles include: Low rise Brief, Boy Brief and Trunk
  • Made out of 90% Cotton, 10% Lycra Spandex
  • Available in Black and White.
  • Sold at Mens Underwear Store


Mundo Unico Essentials

  • Unico is known for their great fit and pouch, which they have taken and made into classic line of underwear
  • Available in a Bikini, Brief, Short Boxer, Mid Boxer, and thong
  • Made out of 93% Cotton, 7% Spandex
  • Available in Black, White, Navy and Grey.
  • Sold at the Mundo Unico Store.

Don’t worry, we will continue to bring you fun undies, but we think everyone needs a few classics in their underwear drawer.  Let us know what your favorite classic underwear pairs are, and why you like them so much!

Summer Sale With-Logo UnderBriefs is having an end of Season Sale, Save up to 50% off. This is while supplies last on select styles.Shop at: www.underbriefs.com
fashion-police_12 Looking for new undies, Men’s Underwear Store has the new C-IN2 Hand Me Down line. Plus they have Diesel, Pistol Pete and G-Star.Shop at: http://www.mensunderwearstore.com
Drb6.html.png Though today save 25% off on all Go Softwear styles! So you can shop the underwear, swim and activewear.Shop at: http://www.10percent.com
mar16-13-2 Andrew Christian has the Almost Naked Bikini Swimwear. Summer’s not over yet so you can still get great swimwearShop at: http://www.andrewchrstian.com
yes18 Audace has Vuthy Swimwear for just $18. The sale is on select items and while supplies lastShop at: http://www.audace.com

This post contains affiliate links

Derek Yates-4

I found you on the Underwear Nation Model search, you really impressed me after the contest ended. You lost by a slim margin but told your Facebook page not to say or post bad things about the winner. It showed your character. I knew right then we had to work with you.

Tell us a little about you, where you are from, and some of your hobbies/interests?

I am from Chattanooga, TN and currently still live there. I am a pretty low-key kind of guy, mainly because I am constantly busy and don’t have much time to get out much. Aside from working to pay the bills and doing acting/modeling/singing stuff, I also help run my non-profit I co-founded called 1N3, which raises awareness about the consequences of drunk driving. My mother and I started it after my brother was killed by a drunk driver in his memory. Anyone interested in more details can visit our website at www.iam1n3.org.

As far as my hobbies and interests go, enjoy being creative, so I dabble in graphic arts, video editing, and photography for fun. Otherwise Derek Yates-2you’ll catch me on the couch watching Netflix.

How did you get into modeling and acting? Anything you have done that our readers can see?

I started out wanting to be a model. I honestly don’t even remember why I was trying to get into. What I remember is hearing about open calls and such for model searches and attending them. After getting chosen to be seen by agents, from there I knew I had something and never looked back. I have always sang, but when American Idol first started airing I could see myself up on the stage and doing the same thing. So from there, I auditioned for the show many times, and I was lucky enough to advance to Round 2 at one point, but didn’t advance further. Given that it is a reality show, I didn’t let that get me down about my talents. My big break in starting my career more fully was in January of 2012 when I signed with The Jana VanDyke Agency in Atlanta, GA where I have been making a name for myself among the Casting Directors there. I’ve learned that it takes time before they trust, and given that they all keep having me audition for tv shows and movies for them only means my time to shine is near.

I do work on short films and such to keep myself fresh, and of course I love acting. My YouTube Channel, www.youtube.com/derekyates, has my Acting Reel available to be seen for anyone who would like to see what all I’ve done so far, and I have some music videos for anyone interested in hearing me also.

What made you want to model underwear?

Modeling underwear was kind of a on a whim. I did a shoot with Ethan James in Murfreesboro, TN, and some of the shots were done in underwear. They turned out better than I expected as far as how I thought I’d look in them, and the online community seemed to like them also. I used them for modeling contests and it seemed the public liked what they saw overall. So, I decided to continue doing underwear shoots when possible. Plus, I work hard to stay in shape as best I can, so showing off my hard work and sacrifices is only natural.

I mentioned above the Underwear Nation model search, how was that for you? Did it get you more publicity?

Derek YatesThe Underwear Nation model search definitely got me a few more followers for sure. As my online following kept posting to vote for me, my Likes on Facebook definitely grew, and my Twitter and Instagram so growth also. Plus, it got me the gig with you guys at Underwear News Brief. And even though I was the runner-up for the UN model search, we are still in talks about having me out to shoot for one of their upcoming months. I’m not going to lie though, that contest wore me out. It was all I did and focused on for 4 weeks straight, day in and day out. So after it was over it was a huge release to not have to push so hard to get votes from everyone. It was worth it though.

If you could model for any underwear company in the market, who would it be?

Hmmm, that’s tough. I don’t really have just one brand that I like more than any others. I will have to say that after signing up for Underwear Nation and getting the monthly shipment to my house, I’ve discovered brands I’ve never heard of. I will say though that I have always wanted to be a Calvin Klein underwear model.

Who are your favorite underwear brands right now?

I like Calvin Klein, Baskit, CIN2, and there’s a Diesel pair I ran across recently I’m thinking about getting. But if it fits well and makes me look good, then I like them, regardless of the brand.

What are your plans for the future? any thing you are working on right now?

My current plans are to continue pushing for my acting/modeling/singing career. I recently got on with a Tennessee agent along with my Atlanta agent, so hopefully I’ll start seeing more work from that here soon. I’m looking into a Florida agent also possibly, as well as some agents out in LA. Providing I can get some interest out in LA, I’m hoping to be moving out there by the first of year.

I am working on hopefully producing some of my own short films soon, and I have a few ideas for some upcoming cover song releases.

Where can our readers find you?

Anyone interested in keeping up with me can find me at any of these social media sites:


I’m always glad to hear from fans, so feel free to message me on any of those.

I do have two cover songs on iTunes and Amazon if anyone is interested in those. Just type in “derek yates your guardian angel” or “derek yates titanium” to find them.

Photographer:  Ignacio Rivera Jr.