Valentines Day Guide


This year we decided to do something different in our Valentines Day Guide. I asked our guys to recommend a few pairs. However, they fit in three categories. The first is a Classic Pair, a pair that has classic styling for each guy (note that each guy has a different opinion on each of these, that’s what makes UNB so great). Next is a romantic pair, one you could wear on a date with someone you have a long lasting relationship. Lastly is erotic, something designed to rock the world of your partner you have had or just met. Here are our recommendations.

Classic Picks

The Bottom Drawer: For my classic pick, I’m going to go with Kiniki’s Stretch Cotton Micro Brief. It’s a classic cut bikini with some skimpiness added with it’s low cut and ¾ back. Cotton also comes to mind when I think of classic and these are a 95% cotton and 5% elastane. The 5% elastane makes a big difference and gives these a snugger fit than you’d get with just cotton. Of course you have to have a Valentine color available, which is red for this pair.

UNB Tim – Xtremen 51388 Microfiber Boxer Briefs Color Gray – Classic doesn’t mean it can’t be sexy. I love the look of long boxer briefs. They gray of these are a classic color. These can be worn under jeans or casual. It can also be under a suit. While not red or black, I think you don’t have to go with those two colors to make Valentine’s Day.

UNBSandy – Black Silk Heart Boxers by Royal Silk – It’s just fun and sexy to lounge about in a pair of well-fitting and flattering silk boxers covered with bright red hearts! Some guys (of a certain age) like the less-form-fitting aspect of boxers and after all — the silk adds a nice profile!

UNB Bryce – My classic pair is the Saxx Fuse Boxer with the Pineapple Bomb print. To me classic is a pair that would be perfect any day of the week. Saxx is perfect for that, extremely comfortable and designed to help keep your equipment away from your legs. I love the Pineapple Bomb print because the pineapple is fun, and the color is bright.

Romantic Picks

The Bottom Drawer: For a romantic pair of underwear I normally lean towards a thong. Let’s go with a skimpy thong that will show off all your assets. The Joe Snyder JS11 Rio Thong is what I’m going to recommend. It has nice narrow sides and tail and a u-shape pouch that just keeps everything contained. You’ll get maximum exposure with this selection. For an added bonus these can double as swimwear. It’s available in several good colors for Valentine’s Day.

UNB Tim – Gregg Homme Rococo Briefs – Romance comes in many forms. Lace to me is super sexy and romantic. These briefs are made for a romantic evening out. After a candle lit dinner to come home and surprise your partner with these. They are skimpy but not too skimpy. Perfect for a long make out session with your partner!

UNBSandy – Magic Silk Silk Knit Lo Rise Bikini — nothing says romance like red silk and these knitted silk lo rise briefs are an invitation to a romantic evening no one can refuse! Slip these on and send the message that you don’t intend to wear them very long! These undies feel great whether you’re the one wearing them or the one exploring!

UNB Bryce – Pistol Pete Metallica Zip Front Brief. For me romantic underwear is something you want to wear around a special person. What can be more romantic than wearing gold underwear! The pair also features a fully functional zipper on the front for easy access when you need it.,20497.html



Fetish Recommendations

The Bottom Drawer: Ertoic for me is more sheerness, enhancing pouches, and probably put g-strings here too. None of which I have many of or wear very often and not real wild considering some erotic options out there. I’m going to recommend one that I don’t actually own for this one, but it’s a quality brand that I have several pairs from. I’m going with Bodyaware’s Italian Transparent Tactel Tanga. I have their regular Italian Tanga (not listed anymore) made of the same material and it is sheer and shows everything. The Tactel Tanga is available is some pastel colors that would work great for Valentine’s Day.

UNB Tim – Maskulo Rubber Look Briefs – Suppose you want to get a little wild on Valentine’s day? Something fetish looking but easy to take care of? Maskulo has the Rubber look briefs. Made out of an 80% nylon, 20% spandex / lycra / elastane with a solid waistband. This pair has a detachable codpiece, that they are known for making. The back is a zipper. Yeah, a zipper!  No matter what you are in the mood for that evening, you are covered (Sorry for the pun). Mix this with a harness and some restraints and you have 50 shades of fun.

Underweardude-If I was going for something a bit..different on Valentine’s day, I’d go for one of Pikante’s Castro Thongs. The front pouch is really more like a sleeve so you can show your significant other exactly what you’ve got to work with.

UNBSandy – Good Devil Red Jockstrap — it’s red, backless, with a sheer see-thru pouch — really — what else could a Valentine need?


UNB Bryce– Gregg Homme Shackled Briefs. What says fetish more than chains and leather? These briefs have a leather like look with chains that hang down over the pouch. Maybe wearing these will help excite your partner into trying something new in the bedroom.


These are a few suggestions from our guys. We hope you find a pair you like or it inspires you to find something perfect for your Valentine’s Day celebration.


We started the UNB Focus group and the guys in it have been amazing. One in particular we ran his guide for the Bubble Butt guy during Christmas and he wrote this great post on Valentine’s I wanted to share his take on what to wear this Valentines day! Enjoy this great post:

homerThis Valentine’s Day, don’t be the guy who shows up for your date wearing these ($10 from Target).  While Homer Simpson is funny, laughter isn’t the emotional response you should be looking for when you undress.

Consider these options that are both comfortable to wear during a dinner date and romantically enticing during those after-dinner activities:

For the boxers guy:

AG780_CHI_P12 sells these amazing slim-cut, low-rise boxers for $18 in red.  They’re definitely not your average boxers, and the cotton poplin fabric means it will transition well into the Spring and Summer wear.  Available in S, M, L, & XL.

For the briefs guy:


This is Gregg Homme’s “Target Brief” in red.  It retails for $36, but you can snag it for $30 by ordering directly from  The brief is 76% polyamide, 24% spandex.  Sizes XS, S, M, L, & XL.

For the jockstrap guy:

IMG_7157 - B

The Pistol Pete “Rematch Jock” in red.  55% cotton, 42% nylon, 3% spandex. Your partner will enjoy unlacing things. Available in S, M, L, & XL for $29.50 from

prldOr how about the Good Devil “Contour Jockstrap” in red?  86% Polyamide, 14% spandex.  100% sexy.  Available in S, M, & L for $18 from

For the thong guy:


This “ILP Satin Micro Thong” from  retails for $21.  It features an inner lift panel that enhances your profile.  It’s made of a nylon-spandex blend.  Sizes S, M, L, & XL.

For the hot-tub guy:


Finally, if your evening involves champagne and a quick dip in the hot tub before retiring to the boudoir, may we suggest Andrew Christian’s new “Swift Bikini” swim brief in red?  The front seam both provides support and enhances your profile.  The shoe lace styling shows you’re a man who pays attention to detail.  80% nylon and 20% spandex.   Available in XS, S, M, L, & XL. $40.93 from

valentines0guideWe changed it up and have divided up our 2014 Guide. We didn’t shoot this one but rather picked some great pairs for you guys. It’s divided up into classic, mild and wild! We hope you enjoy.

Classic Style – Perfect for Date nights:

A date night some guys want to go more classic rather then over the top. Not every guy wants to be sporting mesh or a thong. Which remember it takes all kinds. These guys like to have something that is very comfortable and has classic styling.  That doesn’t mean you can’t have some great colors, it doesn’t have to be black or white. You can mix fabric, waistband and trim colors and still remain “classic”. For Valentines day we recommend black or Red as the two colors to focus on. If possible mix the two the combination of the two just pop!

2(X)ist Love Briefs2xist Love Contour Brief (Black) – $18.00 – Black underwear is always sexy and this pair with the red waistband is amazing and would look great under a pants or a suit. The red waistband just sets it off really nicely.

Go Softwear Pop TruknGo Softwear Pop Mod Trunk (Red) $23.00 – I have to remember not all guys love briefs but this pair from Go Softwear is a red color and style. Classic yet definitely not plain

CR7 Luxury BriefCR7 Luxury Brief (Red)- $30.00 – For those fellow brief guys who want something fun but still want great coverage the CR7 brief would be perfect. The luxury brief is a full cut brief with a pouch design.  Made out of Pima cotton

Baskit Contrast Boxer BriefBaskit Contour Boxer Brief (red) – $23.00 – This is the pair for the guy who loves boxer briefs. The Contrast line has a bright main color with a great contrasting waistband and trim. Made out of cotton elastine blend

Fun Night out – For the guy who wants something a little wilder

If you’re not a classic guy you want to show a little more skin, show off a bit more of the bulge or just want to surprise your partner after a romantic dinner we have some for you. These are some that I personally love, and have worn on dates before so I know what I’m talking about! Those will definitely leave an impression on your partner after the date is done!

Cocksox CX01 Brief
Cocksox CX01 (Red) – $24.00 – One of my favorites. The red is perfect for Valentines day. The great pouch shows off what you have under your pants so you will be showing off just a bit in your pants. The bikini fit is amazingly comfy and will be awesome through dinner. Picture from International Jock. Buy through them or Cocksox

Joe Snyder Pride Frame Thongt_producto_371_665

Joe Snyder Pride Fram Thong (Red) – $24.00 – This is for the guy who’s ready to step up and wear something super fun and skimpy. The black trim does what it’s intended too, frame your pride. The pouch in these are bigger then other Joe Snyder, so it will be able to show off what you have!

Gregg Homme Booty BriefGregg Homme Booty (Red) – $42.00 – I know not everyone wants to show off their pouch, some were blessed with the bubble butt. I was not but the Booty Briefs are great for the guy with a great butt. It has the full front but the fabric straps in the back. Our very own Bryce loved these.

1-15-14-peekAndrew Christian Valentines Peek-a-Boo Brief (as Shown)- $24 – This pair was one that was made just for Valentines’s day from Andrew Christian. The pouch of this pair flips open. Yes you heard right. The pouch is not attached the bottom of the pair and allows for easy access. The pair is definitely made for Valentines; silver waistband, pink trim and red pouch/back panels.

Walk on the Wild Side – For the bold and those who want to show it all off

We have many readers who love what is termed fetish wear. You know the super hot, skimpy and leaves very little to the imagination. No mater gay/straight these will be pairs your partner will remember for a long time to come! It’s super fun and not for the shy guy. I imagine many of our readers wearing this under their suits to dinner then coming home for a romantic night and having the underwear be a topic of conversation! Or you could just answer the door in these and skip the date and get right to dessert

Candyman Gladiator
Candyman Gladiator (As shown)- $40 – The bedroom should be fun and the use of costumes is nothing new. Candyman is known for their fun underwear costumes. One that is timely now is the Gladiator costume. You could role play two of the most recent gladiator themed shows, Hercules or Spartacus!

PQ7-7 (2)PetitQ C-string (Black PVC)- $16 – We have profiled this before but it’s really fun. I could see many readers having their partner come in be laying on the sofa in the C-string with a  rose. The C-String is just a pouch, it’s the least amount of underwear you can wear. Available in Solid, lace and PVC fabrics. Don’t worry you can be active and it will still stay one, well for as long as you want it too!


Cellblock13 Renegade Pant Jock (White)- $68.00 – Not all eroticwear has to be skimpy. The Cellblock 13 Renegade Pant Jock is styled similar to a football pants so you have the sports gear fetish with the jock back.

AM876_FV_V13Andres Velasco – Leopard Print Mesh Body Suit – $39.00 – If you’re staying in for Valentines day the Leopard Print Mesh Bodysuit would be a fun one to enjoy with your partner. This pair has a great pouch made out of the leopard print framed by black that will show off your manhood. It will be as much fun to take off as it was to put on.

These are only a few pairs there are hundreds more. We hope you will buy some of these or it will spark your own ideas for amazing valentines underwear. There was something for everyone in this guide. We have a few more posts this week about Valentines underwear. If you are ordering online make sure you place an order this week to ensure that you get them in plenty of time for Valentines Day. Online stores will sell out! So don’t wait.

If you think there is a pair we should include let us know. Post a comment with a link or email us and we’ll let you guys know!