Jack Mackenroth


Today’s Brief Distraction is one featuring Jack Mackenroth. He recently finished a new photoshoot in South Beach with West Phillips wearing Pipe Underwear. This is before he launches his own dating site. “And if you are not following Jack on Twitter–get on it!! He was voted Best Gay Tweeter of 2011/2012 by National Lampoon and one of the Top 10 Celebrity Tweeters by Metrosource Magazine. He’s hilarious. “

Today’s Brief Distraction is Jack Mackenroth wearing Piss & Vinegar. This is a series done by West Phillips. Jack recently released his 2012 “Calendar for a Cure” in December, with 100% of proceeds going directing to amFAR. The calendar is now only $10. http://www.jackmackenroth.com/2012calendar

Jack can also be followed on Twitter at @Jackmackenroth, and on his website www.jackmackenroth.com

See more pictures below

Baskit sent us some pics to share. Are you a fan of Project Runway? If so you will recognize this model, it’s Jack Mackenroth. He was on the on Season 4 of the reality show. He didn’t go to the end due to medical reasons (MRSA staph infection, I’ve had one before and it sucks). I hope you enjoy this and glad to see he’s moving into modeling! I hope you enjoy and tell me what you think of the pics. The pictures were taken by Frank Louis.