Brief Distraction


Today we profile an awesome guy we work with. It’s Cody from the Speedo Movement. He has been on our podcast and has become a regular contributor. Here is a little about Cody:

I think that men have had enough with the “ideal” body type. I no longer want to feel like my value is diminished by how I don’t look, when in reality embracing and loving how I do look has brought me so much more joy and happiness. Whether you are what you want your body to be, or still working on getting there, give yourself the permission to love yourself. Everything is a journey, stop living only in the start and end points. Make the best of all of it, be what YOU want – skinny, fat, jacked and muscular, dad bod or anything in between you owe it to yourself to love yourself! Keep body positive and speedo on!!

We have another real guy for you! This time it’s John

This photo does double duty for UNB; one, showing me comfortable in my own skin and two, taking your swim brief challenge.  We were on vacation over July 4th in the Outer Banks. I was the only one on the entire beach in a swim brief, but the in-laws didn’t care and I even got some positive comments from passersby.  I’m from Denver so any chance to get to a beach, I’m all over it.  I’m 48 years old and have loved underwear since my early teens.  My tastes have changed with the times and I’m always on the hunt for new styles and colors.
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Here is the first of the Real Guys on UNB. jets83  submitted these pics. Here is a little about him.

  • Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
  • Stats: 34 years old.  5’10” 90kg . 36″ waist

I have enjoyed underwear for about 15 years.  Cannot recall what attracted me to try something other than the standard briefs/trunks that were available here in Australia.  I think it could have been seeing something on TV.

For a long time, I hid my underwear from everyone.  Over the past 7 years, I have been more & more comfortable in my choices & not hid them as much.  My partner has allowed me to be even more comfortable in my choice of underwear.

I wear thongs on most days of the weeks, jockstraps come in second.

I wear them as I find them comfortable & are also a way to feel sexy.  A small way to show that I am comfortable in my own skin & the underwear the I wear.

I post pics of myself on a regular basis on my twitter which is @jets83