My love for underwear began at a young age. I remember the very first time I was in awe. I was 7 and saw an older cousin of my change clothes. He had on some bikini briefs and I just couldn’t take my eyes off him.  From then on I began to wonder what every guy would wear. I, of course, wore your typical Hanes and Fruit of The Loom briefs.

I used to love going to P.E in junior high and high school. Knowing that I would see so many types of underwear and the guys that wore them. That always got me just excited.

At the age of 16 I began working, and with my very first check I remember buying some trunks, which where fairly new at that time. From then on my curiosity about every type and cut grew bigger. Luckily I worked in a retail store so it made it easy for me to just buy something new when I could.

Now with so many brands, cuts, styles, prints and fabrics these days, I get excited. My collection is around 560. I do own a little of everything; briefs, trunks, boxerbriefs, jocks and thongs. And from many brands. Yet I must admit that I am more of a brief guy.

Now why do I own such a massive collection?   Well it’s simple.  Underwear sets my mood for the day.  Just knowing that I am wearing a fun style or print brings a smile to face.  I mean come on, a guy can also feel sexy;  whether you’re straight, gay or bi, I know that the underwear you wear helps.  Also knowing that as I go on with my day there is a guy who is wondering what I have on under my jeans.