Luxe Brief



This is my first pair of N2N, and I have always heard from friends how great the undies were and I have never bought any. Why, you ask? Well I guess it is just because I’m just lazy, and never really got around to it. Which I now know is my mistake!

Our friends at N2N sent us some great undies to review for their new lines that is coming out in the next few weeks. We are really excited about reviewing all of them!

I got to try the Luxe brief, and the first thing I loved was the waist band. I love the new waistbands that have the N2N on it. It is very sleek and sexy. I put them on and decided to give them a good work out, literally, so I went hiking. This was the first time in a year I had gone, so I figure, if these can stand up of hiking up and down hills daily wear would be a snap.

I headed out and wore them under my shorts. The first thing that really caught my attention was the pouch. I have heard about how great their pouches are and it really supported me throughout the hike. It was kind of like wearing a jock, so for me the pouch was a defiant highlight. The next thing was the seat; it really stayed in place and didn’t ride up or bother me for the entire hike. The last thing that was nice about these undies, is they didn’t keep moisture around my body, they really kept me cool and dry. There is nothing worse than wearing cotton undies hiking!

N2N is also known for their really revealing and sexy undies made to show off what you have. The pouch on these did push my bulge out some and made it a bit noticeable, but not too bad. The N2N Luxe Briefs are great to wear when you want to show off a little.

Fit:             4.75
Materials:         4.75
Put Together:     4.75
Look:             4.5
Daily Wear:         5

Overall:         4.75

To get these great undies you can buy them directly from the N2N Bodywear Website for $20. They are only available in Black and White and are in sizes Small to XL. Also note that N2N now has size XL in some of their styles!