Summer is officially here.  Which means pool parties and trips to the beach.  Fun in the sun for everyone!  We asked the staff at UNB what they are wearing this season.  From board shorts to the skimpiest of speedos, here’s what the guys will be laying out and swimming in.
Diesel Coralrif nylon shortsAlex  – Diesel Caralrif Nylon Swim Shorts – : I normally don’t wear much swimwear in the summer for the beach but really like this pair from Diesel. The vintage cut give enough away while still leaving something to the imagination. They would be perfect for the hanging around with straight  friends and skimpy enough for the gay gatherings too 🙂

Timoteo speedsterJeff – Timoteo Speedster –  He loves the classic, retro style, the sexy, fitted look, and the bright, fun colors.

vuthy swim

UNBLJ – Vuthy Royal Plaid – He  is wearing this hot bikini this summer.  Why?  In his words: It fits my ample butt and makes it look good!

N2N-Stratum-Collection1Tim aka UNBTim – N2N Stratum – .  It’s part of the new N2N collection and fits great! I love the classic N2N pouch built in the pair. It’s not too skimpy but it is a little lower cut in front. It’s been very fun to wear to the pool and after getting back into swim shape I am glad I can wear great and fun swim wear again.

Sauvage Racing BriefUNBAtlBriefs – Sauvage Racing Brief –  He is wearing this hot number this Summer.  It’s actually the same suit I wore last season.  I haven’t found a suit I liked better this season, so I am daring to be be seen in the same suits as last season.  Yes, I said suits.  I have it in four colors!


UNBJon TYR Swim Brief –  I will be mixing it up this summer. Instead of just my Nike and Speedo swim trunks, I have begun to venture into Speedo land. Look for me poolside not only wearing above the knee swim trunks, but also my newly purchased navy and blue TYR swim brief.Speedo solar brief


UNBGabe – Speedo Solar Swim Brief: There’s basically two styles of swimwear I’ll be wearing this summer.  For me it’s either a basic pair of board shorts or Speedo Solar swim brief.  I still swim competitively with a masters team so the Speedo is standard issue year round.  Of course, it has occasional utility if my fiance and I find ourselves someplace with a private jacuzzi and we’ve had too much to drink.  Board shorts on the other hand are pretty functional no matter what the setting, particularly where I live in FL.  They are available from so many manufacturers and in so many styles, it’s not practical to list them all here.  My particular pair is a generic brand from Target.  It dries super-fast, has built-in mesh support, and pockets for the car keys and wallet.

Bonobos swim trunkShane – Classic Swim Trunks  This summer, like all summers before, I will be wearing regular trunks to the pool, beach, river, creek, and puddle that I may happen to fall into.  These are not board shorts.  I do not like board shorts because they are too long.  These trunks are the type that hit above the knee and are not too loose fitting.  I have a couple of pairs of these and my favorite one is a green, blue, white, and black plaid pair.  This style looks good on my body and provides good coverage.  I tend to think of them as classic in styling.