New Years Underwar


new-years-underwearWe here in the States don’t know much about this, but our friends in Latin/South American have known that wearing certain colors of underwear can affect your New Years. I think its a tradition we need to start here in the States

Yellow – Not a traditional color here, but it is said if you wear Yellow Underwear it will bring you good luck in the new year. Who couldn’t use a little bit of luck! So I just may break out the Yellow Cocksox Backstage Briefs!

Red – I found this out this year that wearing red underwear is supposed to bring you luck in the love department. If you already have an amazing partner/spouse, you may not need this one. But if you don’t then give it a try, it may be your year to find love!

Black – In many parts of the world it is believed that if you wear black underwear on New Years it will bring you bad luck. So maybe we don’t want to tempt fate by wearing black undies and stick with one of the colors above just to be safe!

Try these out to make your New Years a bit more fun and colorful! Let us know if you did one of these. Pictured undies are from Mundo Uncio Store