Waistband Boxer



As you can tell, we got some great stuff from N2N to review. The next one up for me is the N2N Waistband Boxer, which normally, I’m not a big fan of the boxer brief. The reason for this is most do not give me the support I like and they tend to bunch. When putting them on, I was ready to be let down.

N2N didn’t disappoint. It had a great pouch that was supportive through out the day and I hardly noticed it was a boxer brief. It didn’t ride up on me and cause me to constantly adjust my undies, which is a good thing. I was really surprised by it and my bias didn’t play into my review.

The waistband of this boxer brief isn’t as wide as the Luxe brief; it reminded me more like the classic CK waist band with the name. This is a pair you can wear every day, while at the gym, and in public without being ashamed to be seen. You know what I’m talking about! That wild pair of undies we love to wear, but if someone were to see you in them at the gym, they would look at you like we were crazy. I know I have several pairs like that. But as I said, these are very classic in their look and unless someone knows undies, I doubt they will give you too much of a look in the locker room.

Fit:                   4.5
Materials:          5
Put Together:    5
Look:                4.5
Daily Wear:       4.6

Overall:            4.7

You can get the N2N Waistband Boxer at the N2N Bodywear website. They are $22.00 and are available in white and black. The sizing is from small to XL. This is one of the new XL sizings now available on N2N. Look for my next review of the Mojave Cutaway Brief

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