Woodstock Boxer



The Woodstock boxer is the only underwear to feature a secret hidden pocket on the right front that is built into the actual garment, so much so, that if you didn’t know the pocket was there, you wouldn’t be able to tell from just looking or wearing it. The pocket is perfect for holding anything from a pill, to a key, a phone number, to a ring or even a condom – and it keeps them all safe and hidden from the outside. The Woodstock boxer also features Anti-Muffin Top Elastic to smooth the appearance of love handles and is complimented by a yellow, blue and red rainbow on the back.

Designer Andrew Christian says, “The best part about the Woodstock boxer is that it prevents the items you have secretly hidden from falling out, such as can happen with pockets. With the Woodstock boxer, there will be no more searching for keys at the end of a long night out, or worrying about staying safe if you want to have a little extra fun.”

So I ask you….what’s your secret that you’ve been hiding all this time?

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