I found a company that has some great undies. The brand is called Pipe Underwear. They have a very colorful fun collection. The pictures below are from their current line. They are a fun and stylish brand. Here is off their website:

PIPE is the outcome of loud screams for a new trendy brand of underwear.

A couple of years ago Palachio, the creator of PIPE, noticed the need for a new trendy underwear line. He noticed the lack of color, textures and comfort for men’s underwear. A decision was taken to create a funky brand based on current and upcoming trends.

PIPE creates innovative garments that make you feel unique and sexy. The idea is to push the boundaries of traditional underwear. We want you to look amazing and feel comfortable no matter the time of the day.

Why do we have to hide our underwear? PIPE’s underwear is so unique and fun that you would want to show them off and make them a part of your whole outfit.

Don’t call it underwear… call it “PIPE”.


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