I ran across this great company when I was on Twitter! I have found a few companies on Twitter that we will be bringing you. Quake for Men is based in the UK. They have fun and cool site. I say no matter where you are go check it out!


Brand Profile: Bruno Banani
This German company has a very high standard of product.  The mixed fabric styles tend to be distinguished looking, with very light and soft to the touch finishes, giving the wearer complete comfort and luxury.   The more cotton based styles tend to concentrate on the fashion ranges.

The Products:
Boxers, low rise, briefs, hip briefs. Hip shorts & strings.  Strong swim offering.

Our View:
It’s such a shame that Bruno do not advertise heavily in the UK as they are a little more expensive than the more well known brands; this is more than justified by the quality of the materials they use and the brilliant “construction”.  It would just help if they were more pro-active in getting that message across to the UK customer.  The feedback we get from our customers is that while they are more expensive, they are worth every penny.  Bruno tends to have a loyal following and therefore a high percentage of repeat purchases.

Bruno tends to bring out quite wacky and retro prints, some work very well and some don’t!  This year’s theme is Peace (which is one of the designs that has worked).  All fashion styles come in limited edition branded packaging.

Worthy of Note:
Sizing:  Bruno is slightly less generous in their sizing than other brands.  Customers who are borderline (say between a small and a medium) should upsize unless they like their undies tight!

Brand Profile: HOM
The French Brand!  Well known in the UK, but with a much stronger presence in Europe.  Many styles are reserved for the European markets, but can be made available in the UK if we really want them.

The range extends from their Basics, through fashion and into “functional” such as performance underwear for the more sporty or athletic guy.

The Products:
Boxers, Briefs, Low Rise, Mid Cut, Sports, thongs and strings.  Swimwear, vests and long sleeved tops

Our View:
Hom has a loyal following in the UK and because of that will always sell well.  However we fear that they have “lost their way” a little and some of the recent designs have lacked the edge and style necessary to appeal to a younger audience.  In our view sometimes a brand more at home with the more mature customer.


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