Here’s the latest …super hott Dave August in a fine art  EGGStravaganza!

In the hands of actor/model Dave August the Easter egg becomes a sensual graphic element. New York photographer Peter D. Brown-( creates powerful simple portraits of Dave with an eggstordinary erotic appeal. Spring colors  dramatically emerge from the black and white imagery- the DMK underwear shades echoed in the eggs. Ah yes, the Easter Egg… Spring’s sign of fertility – seems to be working… And, with Dave, hunting around for any extra hidden eggs could really be fun… hmmm? See more of Belgian native Dave August and DMK’s other hott guys @ – check out the new photo gallery.

dmk2egg3logo dmk3egg3logo dmk4egg3logo

dmk5egg3logo dmk6egg3logo dmk7egg3logo

dmk8egg100logo dmk9egg100logo dmk10egg100



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