The summer is just getting started and it’s time to gear up. We here at have already written up a 2009 Summer Swim Suit Guide that we posted several weeks ago about suits from various brands we thought were both eye-catching and fun for this year. Now it’s time to review some new swimwear and give you the “411” on what’s hot this summer. Our first swimwear review will be of the Andrew Christian “Show-It” swim trunks. Now, you might have already heard about the “Show-It” underwear line Andrew Christian had first developed. It sold like hotcakes. After this, they decided to create a swimsuit line. Our friends over at Andrew Christian were gracious enough to send me a pair of the red/black trunks in a size large.


I will admit that I was a bit skeptical since I have felt AC underwear/swimwear would not work too well with a body type like mine. I was wrong. The size large fit well with ample coverage in both the front and back. The “Show-It” technology lives true to its name. The ‘comfy cup’ design inside gives a lift to my package and helps it say “HI” to the world. The cup is lined with soft elastic making it very comfortable for a long day at the beach or pool.


The materials used to create this sexy looking swimsuit are great. The trunks feel soft and at the same time durable. They are made with Sport UPF Fade Resistant Fabric 50+ which means that over 95.7% of UV rays are blocked by the fabric. Sport UPF Resistant Fabric is also fade resistant meaning you will be able to wear it in the sun all summer before the fabric begins to fade.

I once only liked Speedo swimwear even though I didn’t think it would look that great on me, but I can tell you now that I have fallen in love with trunk style swimwear. It looks so much better on my body type. The AC “Show-It” swim trunk is a great addition to my summer attire. Its overall look can be summed up in two works: “HOT & SEXY”!

Check out the Andrew Christian “Show-It” swim trunks. I am excited to have it in my swimwear collection and I am sure you will too. I give it an overall rating of 5 on a scale of 5.

Fit:                   5

Materials:          5

Put Together:    5

Look:                5

Daily Wear:       5

Overall:            5

You can purchase the “Show-It” swim trunks and other Andrew Christian swimwear and underwear at their website

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  1. I simply adore Andrew Christian! Very sexy gear in lycra spandex. If you are like me and live in the UK and dont want to buy from USA and get a hefty customs bill and terrible shipping charges then head for this website > , based in the uk and delivery was really quick. Hope my review helps you guys?

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