Of all the types of underwear out there, from the strange styles to bold and florescent colors, the only thing that holds true for me is that jockstraps are the staple of my underwear collection. For the last six years, I have slowly increased my underwear collection and my assortment of jockstraps has been the biggest grower of them all. I have over 60 jocks of various styles and colors in both categories of fashion and athletic jocks. Without a doubt, I can say whole-heartedly that jockstraps are for more than just sports gear. There are several good reasons why I feel jockstraps are great for everyday wear.

Safe-T-Gard Patriot JockBike Swimmer Jock White

First, jocks give you all the support you would find in briefs or boxer-briefs if not more. Actually, I think they give more support than a typical brief or boxer-brief. With a jockstrap, the design is mainly focused on the pouch since a jockstrap is about 95% pouch, where as, with a pair of briefs or boxer-briefs, the pouch isn’t the only thing that has a designers focus. From personal experience while playing numerous high school and college sports, a jock is the best way to go when you want to have the maximum amount of support for your junk.

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Second, I believe another great benefit of a jock is that it only has enough material to perform its specific job. There is no excess material like there is with briefs and boxer-briefs. This not only allows for increased freedom of movement but also reduces/eliminates the material from bunching up or riding up on the wearer. I am sure most guys have had to adjust their boxer-briefs when they ride up on them and bunch up around their upper thighs and hips. It’s not comfortable at all. Besides the freedom of movement, there is also the added breathability. When playing any sport at all, you want to be able to stay cool and reduce the amount of material on your body that would soak up and hold onto your perspiration as well as your body heat. While living in both Washington D.C., and now Atlanta, I’ve found the less you have on the better when it comes to temperatures that can get up into the hundreds. I think if I had to choose between wearing a jock under a pair of dress slacks and briefs, I would choose the jock hands down. I would stay cooler while going about my daily routine.

The factors I have listed thus far are strong reasons why I believe jockstraps are great for everyday wear. But there is one more I personally think is worth mentioning. It is the hot/sexy factor! I think that jockstraps are sexy and I think there is something hot about having something on that gives you the support you need during daily activity and, at the same time, feeling enticing. The leg straps on a jock do a great job of framing your rear and setting up a great view for the lucky person getting to see you in them.

N2N Net Jock White

In the end, it’s a combination of both function and fashion. A jockstrap gives you the maximum amount of support any guy would need during the day, doing any number of activities, and a jock also has a sexy factor to it. It accentuates and leaves things to the imagination if you aren’t wearing one of the jocks available these days made of mesh or sheer material. In that case, you are leaving nothing to the imagination and bearing it all to see.

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