N2N Bodywear Trainer Short
N2N Bodywear Trainer Short

I was recently given the chance to review the N2N Bodywear Trainer Short. This short can be purchased from the N2N Bodywear Site for $24.00. They come in black/olive, gray/yellow, and navy/white. N2N provided these for review. These are gym/lounge shorts, but who’s to say you can’t wear them as underwear. That is totally up to you! They are comfortable enough for either.

The material of these shorts is so wonderful against the skin…smooth and not clingy in the slightest. The material is stretchy and 100% cotton. I reviewed a small and there was plenty of room. If there was an X-small, I would have been quite content. The drawstring came in good use. I felt the waist sat low.

I wore these shorts for a while before I put them through a workout. I knew from the moment I put them on that one should wear either briefs or a jock underneath. There are still a bunch of people out there at the gym that are very conservative and don’t want to see, much less imagine, someones junk flopping from side to side. I looked at my crotch and could see an outline of the guy. Given this, I put on my briefs then put on the trainer short. All was corrected. I’m sure if one chooses to wear accentuating underwear underneath, you will get as much of the attention you are expecting or wanting to get.

If there was anything I would change, it would have to be the drawstring. I’ve never been that crazy about drawstrings on any article of clothing, including jogging pants. I’m more of an elastic waistband guy. Why? Because the last thing I want to deal with when I go to the bathroom is having to stop…untie…pull out…put back in…tie back up. With these shorts, the issue is when you untie, you better be ready to have a hand free to hold them up. Otherwise, you will be the weirdo at the urinal with your shorts around your ankles. Just let me know what gym you go to first so there can be pictures!

Overall, I will give the N2N Bodywear Trainer Short a 4.76. The fit for the size was a little weird, but that is just personal taste in my workout gear. The material, as I said, feels fantastic. Make sure you read the care instructions…”Hand or machine wash cold water and tumble dry low.” My personal issue with the drawstring affected the put together score and more the overall score than any other aspect. The look is great and daily wear is all a matter of what you are comfortable with in public.

Fit:                      4.8
Material:             5.0
Put Together:     4.0
Look:                   5.0
Daily Wear:        5.0
OVERALL:      4.76

Take a minute to go by the N2N Bodywear website. Check out all of their products from swimwear to erotic wear. I am sure you will find something that will make you and yours very happy.


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