Once again, here’s another great item from AussieBum. I personally love AussieBum for their underwear and swimwear. I get excited when the item I am given to review is a jock! Even better is the timing of this review and others right here on Underwear News Briefs.  It is a great time to find out what is hot right before the holiday buying season.  I hope this review and others on the site will give you the information you need to make informed purchases for you or someone special for the holiday season.

Our friends at AussieBum asked UNB to review the AussieBum Soldier Trench Jock in size large. Inspired by military camouflage print, this jockstrap is combined with AussieBum’s new wide-width metallic waistband for a unique and fresh strong look. The camouflage prjock_trenchint of the Trench jock is blue, white, and black. It’s a very aquatic pattern feel.

The waistband is a bit big for my tastes but it was pretty comfortable. I did feel, however, that the tag along the back was a bit irritating. The pouch fit well and gave me enough room. The material was soft and a bit stretchy to mold comfortably. The leg straps are thin and made of soft elastic. I hardly noticed the leg straps at all.

Due to my relocation, I gained some weight so the large jock I reviewed was a bit snug when it came to the very wide waistband, but regardless of that, they fit well. I feel that an extra large would have been roomier, but going up a size wouldn’t be the best way to solve that.

In conclusion, I feel that the AussieBum Soldier Trench Jock is a very sexy and comfortable jockstrap that everyone should have as part of their collection. I give it an overall rating of 4.9 on a scale of 5. It lost a half a point due to my personal preference towards large waistbands. But I will admit the waistband is designed well and looks hot!

Fit:                        4.5

Materials:            5

Put Together:            5

Look:                        5

Daily Wear:            5

Overall:             4.9

If you are looking to increase your jockstrap collection by one or more then you have to check out the AussieBum website at www.aussiebum.com. The Soldier Jock Trench costs $24. Also, if you like the Trench Jock and want a second version, check out the Soldier Jock Reserve; same great jock but in a light green, black and gray camo pattern. This pattern changes the feel from “aquatic” to a “jungle” feel.

AussieBum provided the jockstrap I have reviewed.

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