For those of you that have read my reviews and articles here on the blog, you know that I have a few favorite brands of undies.   I don’t, however, have a true brand loyalty to one company or another.  Call me a free spirited underwear guru if you must.  I love having the opportunity to try new brands whenever I can!

A few weeks ago, I received one of the many underwear email promotions I subscribe to and I saw a brand I had never heard of before…Candyman!  I did a little research online and contacted the company to find out more about them since there isn’t a lot online.  After exchanging emails, I scheduled a conference call with Candyman’s vice president to see exactly what this new underwear line was all about!

Candyman was launched about six months ago with the idea that they wanted to provide guys with “something different” when it comes to men’s underwear.  If you haven’t seen anything that Candyman has introduced, they definitely have different nailed down.  The thing I like about Candyman is that they allow you to get as wild as you want, but yet they offer some styles to let you be fun as well.

Candyman gets its inspiration for designs and styles from role playing costumes.  The parent company of Candyman also has a women’s line of role playing costumes and wanted to bring that same fun to a men’s line.  Their 2009 collections offers costume-style undies like “Office Naughty”, “Ride On Cowboy”, “Knockout Nurse” and “Take me in Prisoner”. These are styles that will add an element of fun and excitement to whoever wears them.

Candyman Fashions will be launching their Spring 2010 collection in a few short weeks.  They will be offering about 20% more products over their current collection.  You will see a styles return from their past collection, but you will also see the addition of a firefighter and pilot costume as well.  Candyman’s Spring 2010 collection will also feature some new styles that revolve around a new shiny fabric that looks almost like Latex and will be available in 5 different colors.

Candyman is focused on keeping things fresh.  They will be updating their collection twice a year as opposed to most underwear companies that produce a new line once each year. They pride themselves on shipping orders within 24 hours and have plenty of options including overnight for those of you that can’t wait to get into these undies.  Candyman can be found at numerous online men’s underwear stores as well as many brick and mortar retail outlets.  Check them out and let us know what you think of this fun, crazy, and different underwear company!

Candyman has also sent us underwear for reviews, so be looking for those in the next couple weeks!


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