One thing that you’ll soon discover about me is that I have a twisted, unexplainable, quirky sense of humor.  Needless to say, when my second opportunity to review a new pair of undies arrived, Tribe generated a lot of initial thoughts.  The mere word conjures up the idea of intrusive missionaries who have been captured and tied to stakes, engulfed in flames while surrounded by half-naked pigmies protecting their tribe.  Therefore, I had high expectations that this kelly green pair of Tribe boxer briefs would live up to the wild and uninhibited image the company’s name conveys.

Let me start by saying that these are the most comfortable and light-weight boxer briefs I’ve sported in quite some time.  Their first test run included wearing them at work all day and then to the gym in the afternoon.  Throughout the day, I couldn’t believe the amazingly cool and comfy feelings this pair offered while still holding its shape.  The waistband and elastic around the legs stayed in place despite the extremely soft and diverse blend of fabrics, including 94% polyester, 6%elastane, and 100% modal lining

This Modal / Polyester pair falls within Tribe’s Short Boxer line and it’s perfect for the active guy as these are designed to hold you in all the right places.  Per the Australian based company, this blend is ideal for the gym as it has 50% more moisture regain and air flow than cotton.  Modal will not pill, is anti-crease, and will retain its brilliant color.  Some noticeable detailing includes the Tribe logo that is front and centered at the top of the waistband.  Double stitching runs around the entire waist and down the center of the pouch in addition to around the bottom of each leg lending to a well balanced and symmetrical esthetic.

While I don’t care to join those missionaries back at the camp anytime soon, I do feel my inner tribal instincts surface every time I slip into these well fitting, sporty boxer briefs.

Fit 4.0
Materials 4.5
Construction 4.0
Look 3.5
Daily Wear 4.0
Overall 4.0

These briefs were provided by Tribe and can be purchased at their website,


As an admirer of art, I’ve always appreciated the role that underwear has played in men’s fashion. For me personally, underwear serves as a catalyst for allowing men to present their style and fashion sense while remaining masculine and true to themselves. Since fashion is an expression of oneself, this allows men to do so privately, intimately and socially….it’s the best of all worlds! I'm currently a resident of Atlanta, GA. and work fulltime as a Project Manager for a large Computer/IT company.

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