This post is a little past due. I was hoping to post it last month, but with Magic/Curve and then getting a staph infection (which is nasty stuff) I finally get the chance to sit down and write it up.

I got this idea from When they did National Underwear Day, they had a figure that 80% of Americans stick with the same style of underwear in their adult life. For instance, if you wore briefs as an adult, odds are you would still wear them at 20 as you do at 40.  This made me think of my own underwear habits. Which seemed to be the reverse of this survey. I’m not saying the survey is flawed or wrong, but it got me asking some underwear friends. They pretty much agreed that they are in the 20% that wear many different things.

If you have read this blog for a while you read how most of us got into underwear and I will go over my story for a quick sec, for those who don’t know. Well, I got started loving undies in my teens, at 13 I got my first pair of bikinis and never looked back. From then on I wore them through high school, and it wasn’t till  about 7-8 years later I wore anything else.  Then I started to wear thongs and jocks, which I loved and then  boxer briefs (which at the time I hated), fuller briefs.

As I get older I definitely try more and more. I see a pair and want to try it. My favorites right now are (granted they are subject to change next month): Pouch Briefs, Bikinis, Briefs, Trunks, Thongs, Jocks and then Boxer Briefs.

I think most people who read the blog and are really into underwear are willing to try more. While the general population is more content on buying the same thing. I hear on twitter, Facebook and more people spending up to $300 on undies and the variety they get is amazing.

I started last month a group of guys that will weigh in on topics in underwear. This was a great post to have them give their opinions on, here is what they said:


  • Have you stuck with the same style? If so what is the style you prefer, if not why? i have tended to gravitate towards jocks and thongs.  I have everything from boxer briefs to g strings.  but most days its jocks and thongs.  I love really anything that is kinda sluty where nobody can see (unless i bend over) then it becomes this whole exibition thing..
  • What style did you wear in High school? thongs mostly
  • What style or styles do you wear now? jock and thongs but like bikinis and briefs too.
  • If you don’t stick to one style, what makes you change to a different style? depends on my mood, if i feel more fem i will put a thong on if i feel really butch i will put a jock on.
  • Today i think it will be my rheb jock since we will be traveling, i always wear a jock on long trips….


  • Have you stuck with the same style? If so what is the style you prefer, if not why? I used to wear boxers, but then i started wearing boxer briefs as soon as I got tired of boxers. Later after I started wearing trunks and briefs and now that is all i wear but majority of the time I used briefs now that is all I wear
  • What style did you wear in High school? I wore boxer briefs mostly during high school now till when i was 19 i started wearing briefs as well
  • What style or styles do you wear now? It varies I like many different types of trunks and briefs that is what I usually like buying. I don’t have one specific brand I buy but i have a couple of brands.
  • If you don’t stick to one style, what makes you change to a different style?I change depending on what I’m feeling like wearing, and also depending on the type of jeans i wear so i can be more comfortable


  • Have you stuck with the same style? If so what is the style you prefer, if not why? I fall into that 20% who doesn’t stick to one kind. There is pretty much any kind out there that I would wear or try, and pretty much like. I love trunks, thongs, compression shorts, briefs, boxers…. it just depends on the day and what I feel like wear, sometimes change twice a day depending on if I’m going out or doing something out of the house.
  • What style did you wear in High school? When i was in high school i was really into boxer briefs. But I that is when I started to branch out and try some new things.The first interesting pair i had bought was this silky blue briefs,they were wide mesh in the back, and the front pouch was sold blue. I’ll never forget them.
  • What style or styles do you wear now? Lately I have been buying a lot of short leg trunks.I have always loved this style most of my life. I find them extremely comfortable and a perfect form fitting style. Also right now I have been trying to find underwear that does not have a tight waistband but will also be form fitting every where else, sometimes I find waistbands to be a pain in the butt.
  • If you don’t stick to one style, what makes you change to a different style?I love all different types of fabrics, so the main reason why I buy different styles is the design all the way. As long as it catches my eye I take it from there. But I also look for something that I find sexy, or I think my partner would find sexy. If its got a unique twist to it, I’m all about it.

I’d love to know if you guys stick with one style in your adult life or if you switch too. Post a comment or comment on Facebook. If you are interested in joining the group of guys to weigh in on underwear topics, then email me at! We can always use a few good guys!


Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years


  1. Sblairkimball Reply

    Have you stuck with the same style? If so what is the style you prefer, if not why? I have always been a boxer boy but recently have stepped out and started trunks, briefs and boxer briefs.
    What style did you wear in High school? I wore boxers during High School.
    What style or styles do you wear now? As I mentioned above, I still wear mostly boxers but have been trying to get used to wearing new styles as well.
    If you don’t stick to one style, what makes you change to a different style?I hate panty lines on me (but funny, not on others….)and that is why I have not worn briefs until lately. I now like to mix things up and wear something new.

  2. Interesting topic of what style(s) of underwear do you now wear; what did you wear in high school. For one all of he least costing white briefs available at ant large department store was what I started with (not knowing any better.) Then along came CK and 2 (x)ist with their pouched line of briefs, then trunks. Ah a switch was in order and I never looked back. Then I also always wore and still wear jocks when engaging in athletics, so the comforts of the pouch were always rather obvious for me.
    Today I am far more inclined to buy firstly of what is the fabric used to make the brief or trunk with? Microfiber, micromodal, fine knit coton blend and then secondly what style and color(s) are available. Thirdly what else am i wearing with those undies? If it is loose jeans or shorts then I will more likely than not opt for loose microfiber boxers, if it is a snugger pair of designer jeans than I will opt for a pouched trunk or brief, maybe by even the same deigner (Polo, Diesel, Nautica); for sleepwear it is always loose fit boxers.

    Seasons of the year make a difference as well, cooler months means I like a more insulating type fabric to wear, so bamboo knit by say Andrew Christian or CN2 is a better choice than a thiin micro modal by say Obviously for Men or the Almost Naked Style by Andrew Christian. In the cold of Winter a pair of heavier weight boxer briefs by CK or Ed Hardy or even Blah Blah Blah are a better choice, except if it is really cold when thermals become necessary, then it is a pair of pouched briefs followed by the thermal mesh of say 2(x) ist and then the jeans and layering on the sleeved shirts.

    Most important though is to find what is most comfortable for you to wear as your primary set of clothes, because if the underwear does not fit well, then nothing else seems to fit after that.

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