Jocks are always a style that many guys find hot. They can be used for both form and function. I was researching how jocks were invented and remembered that Jockstrap Central has a history of jocks. There were two stories on how they were invented, the first is a Finnish athlete invented them. The second and more probable one is the Bike company invented them in 1874. Either way we are glad they were invented.

Today’s jocks are really divided into two separate styles, Swimmers or Traditional. Traditional jocks have the 3 inch waistband, where as the simmers have the 1 inch waist band. This is kind of a crude dividing section because in the last few years jocks have really come into the world of underwear and is no longer something you just wear in the locker room. We now have mesh, spandex, colors and new designs.

We are going to profile a few of the traditional and new jocks that are out there today. Jocks are just as diverse as any other underwear style.

  • McKillop U/W No. 1.5 Jock – McKillop has taken the jock to the next level. They have added comfort and function in one. They are perfect for wearing to the gym or just as every day wear. They may look plain but designer Ryan McKillop wanted the jocks he designs to be free from padding and branding. McKillop only makes jocks and pouch (without straps), so their main focus is making the best jock available
  • Bike #10 Jockstrap – This is the classic jock many great up wearing. They were pretty much standard issue for any sports you played in High School or College. They have the 3 inch waistband and pouch made out of nylon. These used to be one of the few jocks and only in the white color. In the 90’s they branched out to black and then to other colors. When most people think of Jocks this is what they think of, but Bike discontinued these in the US and Jockstrap Central is the only place you can get them. Bike changed the design and made them more ergonomically for men. Some have said the newer jocks just don’t fit as well as this pair.
  • Nasty Pig Rubber Jock 2.0 – Jocks have always been part of the fetish world. Its part of the masculinity and also the design. Jocks have a full pouch and an open seat. Nasty Pig has done some interesting things with jocks. The one we are profiling is the rubber jock. It’s yellow with a black racing stripe on the pouch, and the pouch is made out of rubber. This jock is definitely made for showing rather then hiding under clothes. They have made this jock in many colors and continue to make better with each version.
  • Zakk Leopard Spandex Jock – The last Jock we are covering is one that is pretty wild. Animal prints are becoming very popular in men’s underwear. More and more companies are doing it. This pair is a swimmer jock with the 1 inch waistband, with a spandex pouch with a really cool leopard print. Its not one you would wear to the gym, but would definitely be more of a date night pair or something you could possibly wear under a suit to break up the conservative clothing with something sexy.

Jocks don’t have to be just for sports. More and more guys are wearing them for every day wear or at least a few times a week. If you have not ever tried one, then now is the time to get one. They can be a fun pair to wear under your suit or just to mix up your underwear pairs. Remember always try to step outside of your underwear box and try new pairs.

I want to thank Jockstrap Central for the pics in this post!


Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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