Happy Australia Day! Well, maybe I’m a little late. Australia Day was January 26th. This is the day commemorating the first fleet at Sydney Cove in 1788 and has been celebrated in one way or another since 1808. This year, one of the seemingly endless lines of men’s underwear hailing from the land down under, has come up with their own way to celebrate. Cocksox released 2 new swimwear designs in observance of this festive day, the “Carnivore” and the “Woodstock”. Both are revivals of classic patterns.  The Woodstock has it’s take on the timeless yet masculine paisley, and the Carnivore has a style dating back to prehistoric times. Today let’s look at the antiquated look of the Carnivore.

The Carnivore is your memorable leopard print, screaming beast-like sexuality. The Carnivore comes in a swim brief (bikini like cut) and a “boy-leg” swim brief (a standard brief cut with higher legs). This company has staked its claim on the fun and sexy side of men’s fashion and it’s what you would expect from a brand who’s name you often can’t even say in public. In an ongoing race to outdo themselves, Cocksox has reinvented the classic ultra sexy leopard print bikini with this line. The name,  “Carnivore”, shouts a sexual innuendo as it signifies a “meat eater; I won’t comment on that. But there’s more to the name, it’s a predator, an animal on the hunt, prowling for the object it desires to satisfy it’s physical needs. That name added to the print makes this swimsuit almost too sexy. Leopard prints were all the rage at one point in time and then the particularly high level of flaunted sexiness became a cliché the world of fashion let go of it a little, although it never completely went out of style. In the last decade or so, you would almost expect leopard print to be something worn by Austin Powers as opposed to an actual sex symbol. But, like Madonna, all things return to their glory. Is it time for leopard print to make a come back?

I have to admit the Carnivore looks good! The print goes amazingly well with a nicely tanned and toned body, which most things do, I guess. Cocksox designs their gear so that it accentuates a mans form and brings attention to any mans package. The cut and pouch are intended to lift without a ring or any kind of mechanism, it’s all in the way your genitals lay in a hammock-like support system. The Carnivore is no exception. Cocksox gives us a great swimsuit for any guy who wants to express his innermost sexuality and do so with attention-getting results. And it’s not only about the look. The Carnivore is functional and a quality swim suit. It’s made with a chlorine resistant fabric so it won’t fade so quickly. It is shape retentive after many washings and it has a UPF 50+ sun protection. The pouch is lined with a silky nylon for your comfort and the outer polyamide micro fiber and lycra blend were manufactured with comfort in mind. So over all, this is a great quality suit. You can be one of the first to help Cocksox welcome back the leopard print in all its primal glory by sporting the new Carnivore.

You can get these from the Cocksox site!


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