Check out these hot undies from the UK!  They are made by a company called James Tudor and the style is “Battalion Crystal Brief.”  These briefs are quite unique!  Upon first sight, the metallic features stand out against the black and white fabrics.  Each pair features 3 metallic accent buttons lining the pouch area on each side.  To add even more flair, James Tudor has basically bedazzled their name all over the waistband.  It’s unclear from the pictures provided whether or not this is accomplished by integrated metallic woven fibers or if they are indeed an embedded gem like material.  Either way, the effect is eye popping.  A hint of this waistband above your pants and you are sure to draw attention.

The overall look is robotic or industrial with a hint of disco.  Contrast piping line both the pouch, a seam down the front, and an accent along the back.  The style is available in both black and white with black/white crystals or black and white with black/red crystals.  I’m a sucker for the combination of black and red and would, for sure, opt for those.

While I am a big fan of underwear being inventive and fun, this pair being both, I have a few concerns.  Anytime there is an accent button, I always worry about one falling off after repeat wears.  Since there are 6 on each pair, one popping off could really upset the whole look.  I also hope the “crystals” in the waistband are either integrated or glued on with a super strength substance.  I wouldn’t feel great about shedding glitter everywhere.

With that being said, I still think this pair could be a showstopper.  Hit the light just right and you basically have a disco ball in your pants.  Make sure to check out all the other great styles James Tudor has to offer.


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