I have owned a few pairs of Aussiebum’s line of Wonderjock briefs. Needless to say I was excited to try their new line of Wonderjock Pro. The Wonderjock Pro, at first glance, looks just like the older version of the Wonderjock. As soon as you feel the fabric though, the difference is clear. The Pro is much softer and has a “stretchier” feel than its predecessor. The style is traditional Aussiebum with their signature logo waistband and colored piping along the borders of the brief.

The enhancing effect is once again, like the original Wonderjock, accomplished by a sewn in pouch in the front to which you put your entire package. The Pro feels much more comfortable than the original, and allows for more movement so you don’t feel so compressed. Aussiebum is using the term “free swing technology” which I think is a fitting name and a praiseworthy upgrade from the previous design. I was comfortable all day and never once felt like I was wearing anything but traditional stretchy underwear. The enhancing the briefs provide is noticeable but not laughable. The Wonderjock Pro provided with a boost but no one would be the wiser that you are wearing enhancement briefs.

Here’s how I rated the Wonderjock Pro:

  • Fit – 5/5  – I wear a size 29 waist and the size small fit great. Lots of room up front and the waistband and leg openings were comfortable and true to size.
  • Comfort – 5/5 – Stretchable high quality cotton and a scratch free tag.
  • Enhancing factor 4/5 – A natural looking boost, but I feel unless you have something of substance to put in the pouch, not much would happen
  • Deception Factor 0/5 – No one would know you are wearing enhancing undies through clothes, without clothes, or when they come off.

These were furnished for review by aussieBum. They can be bought at the aussieBum site.



  1.  I agree – the xs waist suits me fine but the pouch is really VERY tiny on the xs one! 🙁 Alas we can certainly FILL the pouches haha 🙂

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