Modus Vivendi has introduced the first two Ancient Greek Gods. Hermes is the great messenger of the gods in Greek mythology and a guide to the Underworld. An Olympian god, he is also the patron of boundaries and of the travelers who cross them, of shepherds and cowherds, of the cunning of thieves, of orators and wit, of literature and poets, of athletics and sports, of weights and measures, of invention, and of commerce in general. His symbols include the tortoise, the rooster, the winged sandals, the winged hat, & the caduceus. NOW his symbols also include new Modus Vivendi underwear collection! Apollo is one of the most important and diverse of the Olympian deities in Greek mythology. The ideal of the kouros (a beardless, athletic youth), Apollo has been variously recognized as a god of light & the sun, truth and prophecy, medicine, healing, plague, music, poetry, arts & more. Hermes created the lyre for him, and the instrument became a common attribute of Apollo. Modus Vivendi, inspired by the god himself, created a brand new collection! Enjoy! Available now at His Trunks


Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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