Jake Joseph trunks are an exciting change from the regular fabric trunks I am used to.  Composed of 95% Bamboo Viscose and 5% Elastic, these trunks are soft and stretchy.  They conformed to my body and felt extremely nice against my skin.  Size Large was a good fit but I think a medium may have been a better fit as this pair seemed to be a bit big.

To be competitive in the trunk market, I get the impression that most companies feel they have to have a pattern or some exotic design printed on the trunk.  With Jake Joseph trunks, the gimmick is the fabric.  The overall design is what one would think of when considering trunks.  The design is basic black but the waistband has the Jake Joseph name in stylized silver lettering.  This made the trunk feel slightly more fashion-forward.

The pouch was the same soft material and extremely comfortable—soft and supportive for everyday wear and all day comfort.  The pouch was interesting with a normal fly look, but a look inside revealed a horizontal bar.  I tried the fly and it seemed rather normal to use.  Even though there was a fly, there was also the pouch aspect.  While the pouch was fairly standard, the elasticity and softness of the fabric would conform to a guy of any size.

I wore these for normal daily wear and found them to be comfortable, stretchy, supportive and soft.  The fabric allowed for my khaki pants to slip on easily and I never felt like the trunk was sticking to the fabric and pulling on my pants.  This is something I cannot tolerate from a pair of underwear.

Overall, the fit was good with a soft and comfortable fabric.  I found the underwear to be a bit big, but washing and drying them fixed that issue and made them true to size.  The style was fairly normal, but I loved the bamboo fabric (I will be buying more bamboo undies).  While I thoroughly enjoyed these trunks, I did find a couple of negatives.  The price, with no discounts and straight from Jake Joseph, is $37.  Quality isn’t cheap.  Also, the pouch/fly combo was rather strange.


  • Fit
  • Style
  • Fabric


  • Price
  • Odd Pouch/Fly Combo


Fit 4
Materials 5
Construction 5
Look 4
Daily Wear 5
*OUT of 5*

These were furnished for review by Jake Joseph.


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