Cover Male‘s ‘Running Short’ takes the traditional running short and sexes it up with a high slit on the side.  This short is really designed well. At first look I thought these would not provide much support in the front but upon trying them, the shorts held everything in place. These are great for working out or just lounging around.  The fabric is a poly/spandex blend that is so light, you feel like your not wearing anything.

I’d say the view is better from the back as you’ll feel the fabric grazing your back side and allowing for some tiny spilling out the back. However, the front is very flat and does not accentuate the package much.  These function well as a workout short, and would be perfect for practicing yoga in private.  I would not recommend wearing these as underwear as the fabric is loose and may give off a strange looking VPL if you’re wearing a fitted pair of jeans or pants.

I tested these out when I had some time to workout at home before heading into the office.  I must say they really functioned well as workout shorts. Admittedly, I did not run in these so I’m not sure how much support they’d provide to a runner.  The support for squatting and doing lunges was adequate though.  It was also fun to stretch in these, as they were not constricting like normal underwear.


  • Comfort
  • Functional for exercise


  • Front appearance








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Editors Note: This is Nate’s first review for UNB. He lives in New York City.  His favorite underwear styles are jock straps and briefs.


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  1. These seem like a fantastic idea….. do you know if they ship to any UK stores? I had a look on their website but at $30 shipping it doesn’t seem worthwhile for one pair of shorts.

    I do yoga and have been looking for a flexible and suitably cut pair of shorts for yoga a while now 🙂 At present I wear a standard pair of shorts and in poses such as hip opening ones I lose grip to readily 🙂

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